In this article, I am going to talk to you about 40+ Best URL Shortener Websites To Make Easy Money Online.

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You heard it right. It is really an easy way to fill your pockets.

Since the onset of the internet era, URLs play a major role in sharing web pages with peers.

Moreover, in the ever-evolving internet age, sites like Twitter and other major social websites demand tiny URLs. In order to show up the walls in a more beautiful and user-friendly way.

Therefore, taking this as an advantage, URL shortener services started popping up with an intention to make more money.

Sounds to be great business prospects. And probably you too are thinking of jumping in.

I can sense it, you know.

Furthermore, URL shortening websites enable you to earn money when you utilize them to shorten any long URLs.

I mean, keeping it short and sweet.

One good thing about URL shortener is that you need not own a blog or a website in order to execute your work.

Also, sharing or posting interesting URLs, using URL shortener, on social media platforms, blogs, community websites is the best way to make money online.

Table of Contents

Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays in 2021

How it Works

So then, let us see how the whole system functions.

When someone clicks on the shortened URLs that you created on the social platforms, social communities and blogs certain amount of money will be credited to your account.

That sounds gorgeous. Had I known it before…!

Besides, your credit pay varies based on a few factors of URL shortening service you choose. Like, few pay for, based on revenue sharing. Few based on the number of clicks and a few based on impressions.

Therefore, why wait? Skim through my list of best URL Shortener websites, that I have lined up for you and earn easy money online.

Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays in 2021

1. Linkvertise

Linkvertise pays a high payout rate of $70 for German traffic

If shortening URLs is your means to earn money. Then there is a new kid in town who can help you ace at it.

Prominent features of this Shrinkearn includes

It is a free toolShare your referral link with your friends and earn 25% of their earnings for life.You can control all features from the administration panel with a click of a button.You have access to detailed live stats.The very low minimum payout limit to withdraw your earnings is $5. And publishers are paid through PayPal, Skrill, UPI and Indian bank transferYou have high CPM rates.Easy to use API helps you to shorten links more quickly24/7 customer support


3. Shrinkme

High payout of $220 for 10000 views from Greenland traffic

You find an easy way to earn money through the Shrinkme URL shortener. You can do it in three easy steps. Just create an account, shorten your link and earn money.

When you refer Clk to your friends and online peers., you earn 25% of their earning for life as an affiliate commission.

Other features of Clk include,

Controlling all features from the administration panel with a click of a button.Another factor that makes Clk.sh the best URL shortener is that publishers can check their Clk.sh shorten links performance. More so, advertisers can track their banner campaign and interstitial campaign performance.A low minimum payout limit to withdraw your earnings, which is just $5.00. And publishers get paid through PayPal.An offer of high CPM rates.Facility to shorten links using API.24/7 customer support.


5. AdPayLink

Adpaylink.com Pays $13 as the highest rate for traffic from Germany

Let’s look at a brand new URL shortener that pays up to $13 for 1000 views. Though Adpaylink is new in the market you can give a try if you can bring Germany traffic followed by Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom. Among the URL shorteners websites, Adpaylink seems to be the highest payout provider for the UAE and Hong Kong traffic with the payout of approx $7/1,000 views. 

The benefits of AdPayLink URL shrink includes

$1 paid as a signup bonusYou get paid at least $3 when users click the link from any part of the world.The minimum payout is $5 and paid via PayPal. Bank Transfer, Webmoney, Payeer, etcPayments are paid daily.AdPayLink pays up to $13 per 1000 views.Along, you can earn 10% of commission when you refer a new sign up.Automatic URL shortener script to shrink all URLs on your website. 24/7 support with a simple and clean dashboard.


6. shrink.pe

Shrink.pe Pays $10 as the highest rate for traffic from Greenland

Shrink.pe is another URL shortener that pays up to $10 for 1000 views. Shrink.pe is one among the url shortener websites that pay $8 for traffic from Gibraltar and Iceland. Followed by $7 for San Marino traffic.

If you are in look for Indian url shortener provider. then shrink.pe is once of the choice for you.

Most importantly, Shrink.pe offers the same rate for both desktop and mobile/tablet traffic. The lowest CPM rates offered are $2.50 for traffic originating from the rest of the world(other than the listed 14 countries).

Other features of shrink.pe include,

$5 as a minimum payout limit to withdraw your earnings.Publishers get paid through PayPal, WebMoney, Payeer, Skrill, PaySera, Neteller, UPI and Bank Transfer.You can earn 20% of commission when you refer a new sign up.Easy to use API helps you to shorten links more quickly24/7 customer support


7. Smoner

Smoner.com Pays $5 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

You can count Smoner also in the list of url shortener when you look for making money by url shortening.

Salient features of Uii.io,

It is an easy-to-use platform for publishersU3O pays up to $8 for 1000 visitsThe payout for 1000 views: Up to $8 (Minimum $3)Minimum Payout: $5Referral Commission: 20%Payment Options: Paypal, PayoneerPayment Time: Daily


8. Shrtfly

High payout of $21 for a CPM from Greenland traffic

Shrtfly is a new paying link shortener company of 2021. It is one of the best current url shrinkers to create an account with. You as a publisher can monetize your url links with banner advertising.

Additionally, it gives a simple platform to publishers and internet users, where they can utilize their high-level tools to sort out their URLs.

Eventually, this supports to maximize their earnings and keep track of their shortened links.

Payment Options: Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $9Minimum Payout: $1Referral Commission: 20%Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Vodafone CashPayment Time: Daily.


10. Adshrink

Adshrink.it Pays $7.50 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Adshrink.it said to be the most profitable URL Shortener in the world. How? As a publisher, you get 80% of its advertising revenue.

Born in 2016 it is considered one of the most reliable url shorteners on the web, surely the favorite among those that have web sites that generate a large number of views. It is also chosen for its solid programming structure which does not create failing issues so to give its users a well-ordered working platform.

This network provides up to $5.5/1000 views (minimum $1.5 for 1000 views). A good feature of this url shortener is that they count multiple views from the same visitor. So, this wonderful feature helps you to earn lots of money in a short time.

Salient features of rom.io

The payout for 1000 views: Up to $5.5 (Minimum $1.5)Minimum Withdrawal: $5Referral Commission: 20%Payment Methods: PaypalPayment Time: Daily


12. Shorte

Shorte pays the highest payout of $14.04 for 1000 views from the United States

Shorte.st is another noteworthy and popular URL Shortener to earn money. It also pays on the 10th of each month.

So, the least withdrawal is $5 for PayPal, $20 for Payoneer and $5 for WebMoney.

Therefore, short links is not the only option to gain money with shorte.st. You can also invite new users.

Payment Mode : PayPal & PayzaMinimum Payout: $5The Rate of Referral Earning: 20% CommissionAlexa Rank (Global): 408


14. Bc

bc.vc Pays $15 as the highest rate for traffic from Norway

Bc.vc is the latest and certainly the best URL shortener websites to make money online. It also provides the least minimum amount of 10.00 USD to withdraw.

So, the earnings are automatically paid out every 7 days for amount higher than $10.00.

However, if you don’t achieve 10.00 USD in any month, your balance amount is carried over to the subsequent pay period.

Besides that, the minimum deposit is only $5.00 and $0.50 per 1000 visitants.

Therefore, plunge in quick as the earning potential is infinite. Even more, the earnings are enhanced through its referral program. Which pays you 10% of the majority of your referrals’ earnings forever!

I hope you are already online scrambling for the money you deserve.


Payment Mode: Paypal or PayoneerMinimum Payout: $10The Rate of Referral Earning: 10% Commission for LifetimeAlexa Rank (Global) : 1,131


15. Wi

Smoner.com Pays $7 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Wicr is a URL shortener tool that is completely free. First, you have to create an account, create a link and then post it.


17. Linkbucks

linkbucks.com pays $4.16 as the highest rate for traffic from Australia

LinkBucks is probably the highest paying URL Shortener website. It pays more than $1.2 USD.

Furthermore, it also pays $0.5 to $7 for every 1000 views (rates may vary from nation to nation).

Minimum amount to withdrawal is $5.00. If you achieve this amount, you may process your payment that is sent out immediately.

Also, Linkbucks will give you 10% of their earnings for a lifetime. You also receive 5% of earnings from your referrals.

Seems to be a nice piece from a share of the meal. Grab yours now!


Payment Mode: PaypalMinimum Payout: 5$The Rate of Referral Earning: 10% Commission for LifetimeAlexa Rank (Global) : 3,166


18. Al

al.ly pays $21 as the highest rate for traffic from Greenland

Another, noteworthy pick from the list of shorteners. At al.ly website, the minimum withdrawal is just $1.00. You consequently get paid through PayPal, Skrill, or Payza.

You are, however, expected to gain only $1.00 before you are paid.

Furthermore, short links is not the only method to earn money here. You also get a 20% commission on referrals for a lifetime.

Hence, keep your friends closer to this shortener website, place shorter URLs and reap great financial benefits. Sounds Friendly And Inviting. I know you will hit it.


Payment Method : Paypal, Skrill & Payza.Minimum Payout: only $1The Rate of Referral Earning: 20% Commission for LifetimeAlexa Rank (Global) : 27,151


19. Adfly

adf.ly pays $15.98 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

AdF.ly is the oldest and trusted highest paying URL Shortener.

It also pays on the 10th of each month. Therefore, the minimum withdrawal is $5 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer.

Moreover, short links are not the only way to get money with Adfly. Rather, for all welcomed user you will get 20% of their earnings. That implies if your friend gains $100 the 20% of total amount will be added to your adfly account.


Payment Mode: Paypal or PayoneerMinimum Payout: $5The Rate of Referral Earning: 20% Commission on Referrals for LifetimeAlexa Rank (Global): 92


20. Oke

oke.io pays $5 as the highest rate for traffic from Australia

Oke.io is certainly the fastest growing and one of the best URL shortener websites, to earn money online. It enables you to shorten links and share it with your friends.

Furthermore, I know that you will be looking for a simple but highest paying URL shortener to gradually fill your money reserves. After all, we do not want to push it hard. Hence, Oke.io is probably the best choice for you.

Furthermore, understand and apply this sequence right now: Join Oke.io > shorten your links > share it wherever you like – Blogs, Websites, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Consequently, you can see high CPM rates from $2. 20 to $7 per 1000 views depending on the user’s country.

Hope this sequence matches your money-making. Play this game until you have exhausted on all URLs. Can you?… I wonder…


Minimum Payout: $5.Referral Earning Rate: 20% commission for a lifetime.Highest CPM: up to $7 (Earn Up to $70 / 10000 views).Payment Methods: PayPal, Bitcoins, Skrill, Payza.


21. Cpmlink

Cpmlink.net pays $4.1 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

CPMlink enables you to shore up more money through its shortener facilitation.

Furthermore, it almost pays, nearly $5 per 1000 views (for US).

Moreover, like any other well-known URL Shortener services, CPMlink also gives you an additional 10% charge of all the earnings made by your referrer.


Payment Method: PayPal, Bitcoin. (Daily).The Rate of Referral Earning: 10% commission for life.Alexa Rank: 9,231 (Global).


22. Powclick

clik.pw pays $3 as the highest rate for traffic from Norway

PowClick gives online users an opportunity to make money online by sharing their URL links on the internet.

Furthermore, it also offers high payout rates for global traffic and pays at least $1.7 for 1000 views.

Therefore, in this way, this network is also useful for those users for whom other URL shorteners would probably not fetch higher rates.

Hence, the good thing about this website is, paying for both single and raw clicks (Multiple visits from the same visitant is also examined).

Furthermore, it helps publishers to get higher income from their network.


Payment Options: Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $5 (Minimum $1. 7/1000 views); Minimum Payout: $1Referral Commission: 20%Payment Options: PayPal, Payza & PayoneerPayment Time: daily.


23. Adyou

adyou.me pays $5 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Adyou.me is a company that pays for URL shortening. Moreover, it is also one of the highest paying URL shorteners to make money online.

So, you will get money for sharing URL links on the Internet (blogs or websites, social media, forums, and so on ).

Furthermore, it also pays up to $3/1000 visit.

Hence, you can enroll for free with Adyou.me and earn money online without any prior specific experience.

Even more, while just simply sharing the URL links, you will earn 5% commission for referrals.


Payment Options: Payout for 1000 Views: up to $4Minimum Withdrawal: $5Referral Commission: 20%Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, Skrill, WebMoney and Wire TransferPayment Time: Daily.


24. Fas

fas.li pay $4.30 as the highest rate for traffic from the United Kingdom

Fas.li is certainly, both a trusted and also the best URL shortener to make money. So, you can easily shorten your URL links and share it on websites or blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

Furthermore, the payout rate is high. And it pays up to $12 for 1000 views (payout rate will differ from nation to nation). Therefore, this is really a BigBasket offer! Clinch It!

So, it is one of the best URL shortener sites to earn money online. To begin, you need to register and get started making money effortlessly without any technical experience. That sounds great indeed.

Hence, the minimum payout is only $5, paid through Paypal and Payza. The payout time is the 1st and 15th date of every month.


Payment Options: Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $12Minimum Withdrawal : $5Referral Commission: 10%Payment Methods: Paypal, PayzaPayment Time : 1st & 15th date.


25. Link

Link.tl pay $4.80 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Link.tl is a URL shortening website, offering you a certainly more comfortable and simple way to shorten your URLs.

Wherefore, a person clicks on your URL, you will be paid some amount for it. However, this amount depends on the country the person belongs to.

Particularly, the high paying nations are US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Furthermore, it also offers 40% referral commission which is very high in URL shortener industry. Worth Chasing! Hurry Up to Sign Up.


Payment Options: Payout for 1000 Views: Upto $16Minimum Payout: $5Referral Commission: 40%Payment Options: PayPal, Payza & SkrillPayment Time: Weekly.


26. Binbucks

Binbucks.com pay $1.30 as the highest rate for traffic from United Kingdom

Binbucks is the new and best URL shortener to earn money online. Wherefore, it certainly offers several service options to the users.

Furthermore, it provides the pastebin service with its URL shortener.

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Binbucks offers high rates, and above all, it gives all important tools to increase your earnings.

Additionally, it offers add-ons and extensions for Google Chrome and FireFox which helps you to create your shortened URL and pastes with increasing speed. Great One-Stop-Feature. I Mean You Work At Ease.

Moreover, Binbucks is fast in processing payments. And furthermore offers various payment options. Multi-payment On The Go.


The payout for 1000 Views: up to $7Minimum Withdrawal: $5.Referral Commission: 20%.Payment Methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza.Payment Time: Daily.


27. Dz4link

dz4link.com pay $2 as the highest rate for worldwide traffic

DZ4link is one of the Algerian URL shortener company.

Furthermore, it is one of the trusted URL Shortener of 2017 and 2018. Hence, if you need to earn money with DZ4Link then just share your shorten links on websites or blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, etc.Referral Commission: 20%Minimum Payout: $1Payment Time: Daily


28. Spaste

spaste.com pay $1 as the highest rate for the United States traffic

Spaste is the highest paying URL shortener as well as paste bin service.

Moreover, it also helps you in making money online by your shortened links. Even more, it helps you to earn money online through your valuable content.

Besides this, it also gives up to $7 as payout rate.

In particular, the minimum payout on this site is $5 and it pays on a daily basis or on demand.


Payment Options: Payout for 1000 visitors: up to $7Minimum Payout: $5Referral Commision: 5%Payment Options: Netbanking, PayPal and PayoneerPayment Time: Instant.


29. Adfoc

adfoc.us pay $22.50 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Adfoc.us is the best URL shortener websites to earn money from home.

For the most part, it could pay you up to $8.70 for 1000 visits.

Besides, the threshold income for the payouts for all months is $10.00.

Apart from this, for referral program, you get 20% of the revenue made by your referrals. You get paid monthly by PayPal and Bitcoin.



30. Short

short.am pay $2.50 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States

Short.am gives an excellent opportunity for making money by shortening links. Moreover, it is a fast-growing URL shortening website.

Subsequently, you just need to join and begin shrinking URLs.

Furthermore, it gives add-ons and plugins so that you can monetize your WordPress site.

Generally, the minimum payout is $5 before you will be paid. Moreover, it pays users by PayPal or Payoneer. Most importantly, it runs a referral program wherein you can get 20% more charges for a lifetime.



31. Shink

shink.me pay $5 as the highest rate for traffic from Australia

This is next in the list of URL shorteners. In particular, with shink.in you can create short links for free. Subsequently, you also get paid.

First, you have to create an accountThen create a link andStart posting

Advantages of shink.in

You can track the statistics of your linksPerform a daily control of each link visit andAlso, keep track of the money generatedWhen you reach a minimum of $5 you will be paid via PayPalThe rate of Referral Earning: 20% Commission


32. Linkrex

linkrex.net pay $15 as the highest rate for traffic from Angola

Linkrex is a free tool to shorten URLs. Wherefore, get paid for your posts. Start by creating an account. Thereafter, create a link and post it. Furthermore, you also earn more through the referral program. 

Interestingly, all features are easily operable from the administration panel with the click of a button.

Moreover, collect details about your audience easily. Especially, analysis can be done on what brings you the most income. And also the strategies you need to adopt.

Likewise, you can make more out of traffic with ever-increasing rates. In particular, Linkrex.net is a new url shortener with high CPM rates. Additionally, this URL shortener is similar to ow.ly, su.pr, TinyURL, bitly and Google’s URL shortener. 

Salient features of linkrex.net

The payout for 1000 Views: Up to $15 ( Minimum $3 )Minimum Payout: $5Referral Commission: 25%Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paytm etc.Payment Time: daily



33. Urlcash


URLcash is also certainly the best URL shortener websites to make money quickly.

Moreover, it’s certainly good for bloggers and website owners.

Besides, it can pay you up to 90% of its income.

Furthermore, you can get 35% for referrals and 13% more of what your referrals earn.

Consequently, you will get paid by PayPal, Payza, Paxum and more.



34. SkipLink.org

With SkipLink you can make your URLs short, share them, and earn money on blogs or social media. So far the tool has had 2,462,291 clicks. Moreover, there are 88,351 links and 26,434 registered users. SkipLink is completely a free tool.

You have the comfort of earning from home when managing and protecting your links.

How do you start earning money with SkipLink? All that you need to do is create an account, create a link and post. And for every visit, you earn money.

Other important features of SkipLink are

The best pay from them is $3 for 1000 impressions from united statesThey have a referral program where when you refer your friends to this service you receive 20% of their earnings for life.Moreover, you can control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.You have the facility to get detailed statistics with which you will know what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adopt.You are required to earn only $3.00 before you will be paid.Importantly, you can make most out of the traffic with steadily increasing rates.With easy to use API, you can shorten the links quickly.You also have a good customer support facility.


URL Shorteners That Does Not Exist

Now, let’s have a look at the pitty URLs shorteners that were paying and left the business for reason including,

Penalization of ad networks and payment gatewaysUnsustainable profit modelNot able to cover advertisers or publishers

So, let’s see how the below URLs shorteners that do not exist can help you.

Follow the footprint that includes buying their domain name if you want to start a URL shorter business model.Understand the dark side of running URL shortener that pays business model.Make money with the URL shrink business model is not for all and be cautious about understanding the edges.

Note: the below shrink url and make money websites were on my 40+ high paying URL shorteners list earlier. After their fall, I have moved done under the section of “URL Shorteners That Does Not Exist”.

35. Excel.Li

Another easy URL shortener website is Excel.li. Making money with this URL comes very handy in just three steps. Create an account. Shorten your link. And get your money. It’s that simple.

Skim through the agile features of Excel.li

Excel.li is a free tool to earn money.You earn money for every visit.Referral program helps you to get that extra earning you look for.Refer friends and receive 30% of their earnings for life.The administration panel is one place from where you can control all features with a click of a button.Gives you an optimal analyses platform.You have to earn only $5 before you will be paid. Users will be paid through PayPal.With Excel.li’s ever-increasing rates you can make the most of your traffic.You have the API feature. You can bring your creative and advanced ideas to life.Your queries will be solved by a dedicated support staff.

36. Blv.me

Blv.me is a noteworthy, newest high paying URL shortener in 2018.

For each visitant who finishes an offer and proceeds to your actual link, you create a “lead”. And you receive a commission. It can probably range somewhere between $0.10 to $10.

So, the maximum payout is generally up to $10. And it can however even be much more. Furthermore, a few offers can provide you as far as $12.

Additionally, statistical data proves that the standard lead payout is $1.00 USD.

Therefore, each lead that is created by the people you referred to, will provide you an additional commission. Which is 5% of the original lead’s commission.

So, you can earn up to $10 for each lead (or even more), even without a website.

Push for it right now. Gain all that is yours.

Payment Mode: Paypal.Minimum Payout: only $1The Rate of Referral Earning: 5% CommissionAlexa Rank (Global) : 855,417

37. Petty.link

Petty Link is certainly, another equally benefiting URL shortening website to earn money online. It is an Indian-based domain, offering high CPM rate.

Furthermore, maneuvering through the instructions on the site is really easy. All you need to do is, create an account, create a link, and post it. Simple.

Even more, for each visit, you can earn money. Additionally, PettyLink also gives some useful features to its users. Like quick payments, low cashout limit, 24/7 customer support, etc.

All in a basket. What are you waiting for? Grab the basket to hunt the treasure.

Payment method: PayPalMinimum Withdrawal: $5Referral Commision: 21%Payment Time: Daily

38. Dwindly.io

Dwindly is a renowned URL Shortener.

It gives the opportunity to earn money, for every person that views links you have created.

Wherefore, you can share your shortened URLs on the internet. Including on YouTube, social media, websites, and blogs.

Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoin or Ethereum.Minimum Withdrawal: $5Referral Commission: 20%Payment Time: Daily

39. Uskip.me

Uskip.me is also certainly a highly paying URL shortener website. Furthermore, getting money with Uskip.me is simple, just share links with social media. That Is A Real Simple Formula Everyone Would Love To Do!

Even more, the site provides up to $4. 5/1000 views (Minimum $1. 5 for 1000 views). I went crazy after this website. As it is a high paying URL shortener in 2018. Together we can make it a hype. Jump In.

Payment Options: Payout for 1000 Views: up to $4. 5( minimum $1. 5 for 1000 views)Minimum Withdrawal: $5Referral Commission: 10%Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney, PayzaPayment Time: Weekly.

40. Vivads.net

VivAds is undoubtedly, a fast-growing URL shortener service that pays the highest payout rates eCPM for publishers.

Moreover, it also gives good benefits to all publishers. Like, multiple payment options, very high referral commission for life, low minimum withdrawal limit, daily payments, best client support etc.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Payza, My WalletReferral Commission: 35%Minimum Withdrawal: $4Payment Time: Daily

41. Clicksfly.com

ClicksFly is a new URL shortener service with certainly, decent payout rates.

Furthermore, it also gives an opportunity to all the users for earning money online. Above all, it also offers good tools to boost publisher’s revenue quickly, which are Bookmarklet, Mass Shrinker and API.

Payment Options: PayPal, BitCoin, Payza etc.Referral Commission: 20%Minimum Payout: $3Payment Time: Daily

42. Link-earn.com

Link-earn is a new highest paying and certainly, one of the best URL Shortener websites today. Furthermore, it runs a referral program wherein you can get 20% referral reward for referring a new user.

Additionally, it gives a low minimum payout of $5.00 before you get paid by PayPal.

Even more, it offers the chance to know your audience with its complete stats and reporting system.

Besides that, it also provides a dedicated support team to assist you with any questions that you may have.

43. P.PW

P.PW is certainly a popular high paying URL shortener in 2018.

Furthermore, it is willing to pay you up to 70% of what advertisers are paying to them.

Moreover, the payout rate varies from nation to nation. While in India, they pay you $.70 per 1000 visits, in the US they pay up to $3.50 for the same 1000 views.

Subsequently, the entrance payment for PayPal is $5 and for Payoneer is $10.

44. Urlf.ly

URLF.LY is certainly a free URL shortener site. Wherefore, you can earn $0.39 for 1000 views. And you will, even more, get 20% commission from your referrals.

Hence, the minimum payout is $5. Generally, it also pays users by PayPal.

45. Admy.link

To start, register with Admy.link. Paste URLs. Then share your shortened links and drive traffic to your content.

Furthermore, you can also earn money by sharing in the advertising revenues for each visit to your links.

Particularly, Admy is the URL Shortener website that offers referral commission system. Additionally, Admy offers low minimum payouts of only $5 that are paid out monthly. Especially, its referral program pays out 15% commissions on all earnings made by your referred users. Moreover, Admy pays 0.13$ to 2.25$ per 1000 views(rate may differ from country to country).

Payment Method: PaypalMinimum Payout: 1$A rate of Referral Earning: 15% CommissionAlexa Rank (Global) : 178,055

46. Urle.co

You get good payout rates with Urle.co. Urle.co uses CPM and CPC as payment models. Urle is one of the fastest-growing link shortener networks with a good CPM rate.

Urle.co has more than 3500 active users. Urleco is a good alternative for Shorte.st ad network. However, its referral program is not attractive compared to other url shortener networks. Urle.co pays on a daily basis to all its publishers.

Salient features of Urle.com,

The payout for 1000 Views: Up to $6 ( Minimum $1.30 )Minimum Withdrawal: $3Referral Commission: 10%Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza, etc.Payment Time: Daily

47. Adhy.pe

AdHy.pe pays for multiple views by the same users.

Furthermore, it also offers its publishers to make money only by shortening URL’s and sharing it with their friends. So, if you are looking for a simple and high paying URL shortener website to make money online, then adhy.pe is preferred for you.

What you have to do is, to join this network and shorten your URLs. Then share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs or websites, etc.

Most importantly, it offers high CPM rates up to $10 for 1000 visits, and the minimum payout is $5 by Payza and PayPal.

The payout for 1000 Views: up to $10.Minimum Payout: $5.Referral Commission: N/A.Payment Options: PayPal & Payza.Payment Time: 7th & 22nd date.

High Payout Comparison Table 

You can make use of sort option to find the URL shorteners that pay high, pay low, pays for the specific country and how long the website exists.

*CPM United States* refers to payout for 1,000 impressions from the country United States.*CPM India* refers to payout for 1,000 impressions from the country India.*Highest Payout | Traffic Region* refers to the highest payout from the URL shorteners and its traffic region for 1,000 impressions.*Website Exist Since* refers to the URL shortener website exist since the year. You can use this as one of the legit fact checks.URL ShortenersCPM United StatesCPM IndiaHighest Payout | Traffic RegionWebsite Exist Since
Linkvertise$8.50 (euro8 approx)$8.50 (euro8 approx)$8.50 | GermanySince 2017
Shrinkme$7.0$3.0$22.00 | GreenlandSince 2019
Uii$7.00$2.50$7.00 | United KingdomSince 2018
AdPayLink$9.77$4.00$13.00 | GermanySince 2020
Shrinkearn$7.0$3.0$20.00 | GreenlandSince 2018
Clk$7.0$3.0$20.00 | GreenlandSince 2018
Smoner$5.0$3.0$5.00 | Unites StatesSince 2018
Shrtfly$10.00$4.20$21.00 | GreenlandSince 2017
Cutwin$2.50$2.50$8.10 | GermanySince 2017
Adshrink$7.5$2.4$7.50 | Unites StatesSince 2019
Rom$5.05$0.57$5.05 | Unites StatesSince 2013
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