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It is a mixture of commentary, topical essays (on angels and space, the elements, light, the sky, planets, spheres, heaven and earth) and source book.

In this image, a parapet separates an outdoor porch or balcony from a background landscape of sky, trees, hills, and water.

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Days are rainy only when skies are cloudy, but rainy days vì thế not make cloudy skies obligatory.

Of course, once a balloon had taken off and reached a certain point in the sky, it became impossible to lớn control who watched.

This quite large paradigm of pairings is linked to lớn a notion that the animals circulate between bird-form in the sky and fish-form in streams.

If the sky is clear, the requirement is for a daylight factor of about 0.5% and direct sun must be excluded.

It is worth commenting on the projected mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of the habstars on the sky.

The bird came to lớn him from the east at night when dawn lighted the sky, and circled above him.

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But one can utter a sentence lượt thích (30a) as soon as storm clouds appear in the sky.

Some images did not have borders between the sky and ground which may have introduced some bias against positive contrast.

The authors suggest this was caused by the darkened skies of the post-impact world.

The fourth painting was of a girl with golden hair and a sky-blue dress, sitting on the steps of an old archway.

Thanks to lớn the finite tốc độ of light, it is still possible to lớn look into the night sky and see stars that burned out years ago.

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The riders must ' ride forever on that range up in the sky'.

Under a hot desert sky, a distant patch of dry road may be observed, though it appears wet.

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