How Do I Remove Google Software Reporter Tool?


Do you know what Software Reporter tool is? This article will give sầu you explanations about what it is, why disable it and how to lớn disable on your Windows operating system. If you want lớn learn more information about the Chrome Software Reporter tool, check out this post from MiniTool.

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What Is Software Reporter Tool

Software Reporter Tool is a Google Chrome stand-alone process. It is a part of the Chrome Cleanup Tool which performs the duty of monitoring your Chrome installation & reporting whether any additional components interfere with the normal operation of the browser. The tool is not connected lớn the network, but is mainly used by browsers to identify programs that may conflict with it.


It"s a 54 KB executable file called software-reporter-tool.exe. You can locate the Software Reporter Tool by the following path:

C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporterVERSIONsoftware_reporter_tool.exe

Unless you intentionally tìm kiếm for Google Chrome Software Reporter Tools, you may be completely unaware of the existence of the component. The Chrome Software Reporter Tool runs once a week and reports the scan results khổng lồ Chrome. To be precise, the tool scans the system to lớn examine unnecessary software applications that might interfere with Chrome"s browsing experience.

During the scan, the tool will scan the system for unwanted software applications that might interfere with Chrome"s browsing experience. In addition, the tool reports the Chrome when there are incidents lượt thích unexpected advertising and site crashes. Based on these reports, Chrome will then prompt the user to lớn run the Chrome Cleanup tool during the scanning process.

Why Disable Software Reporter tool

Base on the above explanations, the Google Software Reporter Tool is a very handy tool for Chrome users. But why vày Windows users want to disable the Software Reporter Tool? Is it not safe? Is it a malware or normal process? I know you must be worried now, but Software Reporter Tool is absolutely safe to lớn use.

This tool is completely safe, as it does not have any network communication. The only job of this tool is lớn report Chrome about the software that may not be working properly with Chrome browser.

Although the tool helps to remove sầu barriers that may hinder browser experience, many users are mainly concerned about its huge CPU consumption when running the tool in the background.


The tool can run about đôi mươi minutes, which may slow down other activities in your system. During its scan, some users may encounter Software Reporter Tool high CPU issue.

So if the CPU usage of this process is high, or if you often see the message Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool stopped working, you may need to disable or delete it. And the next part will show you how lớn disable the Software Reporter Tool step by step.

How khổng lồ Disable Software Reporter Tool Step by Step

You may remove sầu, uninstall or delete the contents of the entire thư mục or rename the executable itself to lớn disable the Software Reporter Tool. However, this is only a temporary fix, as Google will reinstall the Software Reporter Tool baông xã into the system again when you update your website browser.

So you"d better disable Software Reporter Tool by removing permissions so that no user has access khổng lồ the thư mục. Here are detailed steps.

Step 1. Right-click on the folder SwReporter & select Properties from the thực đơn. You may find the thư mục by following this path.

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C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporter

Tip: If you haven’t found the SwReporter folder, you may there is a thư mục CrashReports, which is another name for the SwReporter. Right-cliông xã on it & follow the same steps.


Step 2. Locate to the Security tab và select Advanced tab.


Step 3. Choose Disable inheritance option.


Step 4. Choose the option Remove all inherited permissions from this object in the pop up window. Then, all inherited permissions will be removed.

Step 5. At last, select Apply and hit the OK button.

If you are using Windows 7, it could be a little different. After clicking on Advanced button under the Security tab, you will see the Change Permissions… button instead of the Disable inheritance option. Then click on it.


On the new window, unkiểm tra the Include inheritable permissions from this object"s parent option, và choose Remove on the dialog that pops up. Then the Software Reporter Tool will be disabled on Windows 7.


By following the above sầu steps, now no other user can access khổng lồ the Software Reporter Tool, and no updates would be applied lớn it.

Note: Blocking the access khổng lồ the program may prsự kiện Google from removing problematic software from the system or notifying you of such software. You can use other software, such as anti-virus software, to lớn remove sầu threats or unwanted programs.

If you encounter Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool high CPU issue and want to lớn disable it, you can follow the steps in this post khổng lồ disable the Windows 10 Software Reporter Tool by removing permissions.

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