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This involves a romance between a middle-aged solicitor and a woman some 25 years younger.

Expressions such as a solicitor's office can entail both a specific solicitor or solicitors in general.

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She gives the example of a solicitor's office, in which a solicitor may either refer đồ sộ a specific solicitor, or đồ sộ solicitors in general.

Certainly, the example of a solicitor's office discussed in section 4.1 shows that the context may disambiguate (or not) the constructional category.

A client looked at the clerk of the solicitor who was about đồ sộ leave the room.

My experience, gained during writing courses for solicitors, is that the picture is not quite as Đen as that.

Such, at least, was the opinion of the solicitor-general.

She deprived solicitors of their monopoly of property conveyancing.

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Tables and seats are provided in the well of the court for solicitors, the press, police and doctors.

Nineteen of the attorneys in this survey (76 %) had been solicitor general.

The extent đồ sộ which the attorney and solicitor worked together reflected professional convention as well as personal taste.

They are increasingly being 'persuaded' by solicitors and mediators not đồ sộ resist liên hệ.

The expenses of becoming a solicitor, while far below those of would-be barristers, were still considerable.

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Accountancy was one of the new professions of the nineteenth century but, as with solicitors, professional exclusivity operated by traditional means.

The attorney usually led for the crown in court, and spoke before the solicitor in the house.

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