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a spin-off from sth In Europe, most of the biggest mạng internet companies are spin-offs from established firms.
the spin-off of sth Oxford University"s technology transfer unit managed the spin-out of 10 new companies in the last year.
Now in its third season, the spin-off echoes the mothership"s formula -- a bunch of good-looking young agents kept in line by an older mentor.
What is the point of launching the spin-off site in the first place even if it could bring in some extra money?
They"re planning a spin-off firm, so we may see the principle tested in real life sooner than you think.
When successful founders generate new spin-off companies, mentor others & act as early-stage investors it increases the opportunities available to new generations of entrepreneurs.
Besides the lost 27th season, the danh mục also includes dozens of rejected storylines from throughout the years, and unused spin-off ideas.
That"s great for those groups (and their spin-off, for-profit gen editing companies with exclusive sầu licenses).
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a short story that tells a general truth or is only partly based on fact, or literature of this type

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