Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk 2022

Emerge in the ancient battle with blade and shield in the most famous webgame ever. Stick War: Legacy is now available on android devices with impressive và addictive gameplay. Command your armies to lớn invades other’s territories, build your own fort lớn defend from others, và take control of each & every character in your army in an all-out assault of Stick War: Legacy.

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The trò chơi features impressive gameplay with simple control. You’ll be commanding an army of stick man in your quest to expand your territory and power. Be a king and lead your country khổng lồ victory by joining the world of stick men.

You’ll have the option to lớn create an army of your own with different units, each with their own purposes. For example, you’ll have the miner lớn seek for valuable gold mines, builder lớn create fortresses, và other military-related units like archers, infantry, cavalry, and so on. Your only goal? khổng lồ destroy your enemies & become the greatest king that the land has ever seen.


Those who love playing strategy games would definitely love Stick War Legacy thanks khổng lồ its strategy aspects. You’ll have to build an empire from scratches, go on campaigns khổng lồ gain more territory and property, experience the strategy aspect of a real-life battle, và so on. Here are the features that would surely interest you:

Fun & exciting stick battle

We all think of stick man as something that’s really simple, which makes the idea of having two armies of stickman fighting against each other extremely fun & exciting in certain ways. But don’t think of it as a simple battle between a few stickmen, you can have access to lớn hundreds of different units in a huge-scale battlefield.

On đứng đầu of that, you can choose khổng lồ control any character belong to lớn your army with manual control. Hence, you can experience the feeling of being a soldier who’s fighting in a grand battle of two armies. In additions, you can also reduce the casualties on your side by smartly control your character.


Customizable items for your characters

The units can be equipped with different weapons and items that can give them great help during a battle. You can acquire these weapons through your in-game progress and by purchasing them with your gold. During a decisive battle, a slight advantage in the weapon can be extremely important to lớn snowballing your army toward victory.

Different công trình types with their own traits

The items also have their traits, including leaf items, ice items, lava items, savage items, and vamp items. By wearing leaf items, you will gain a slight boost in tốc độ when compared lớn other items, however, your power would be reduced. For units that are wearing ice items, their enemies are slowed, & sometimes, freeze from the cold. On the other hand, lava items feature the nguồn of the mighty volcanoes which burn your enemies and repel some of the damages back lớn them.

Born from the Chaos, Vamp items make your units immune lớn poisonous damages as well as allow them to steal life force from enemies. Moreover, the items also release a powerful blast of energy upon any approaching enemy. And lastly, the savage items, made from the bones và skins of the powerful beasts, the items grant their wearer extreme power & resilient so they can charge into the enemy’s line like a savage warrior.

Fun and exciting zombie mode

And speaking of savage items, you will find them extremely useful when dealing with the endless swamps of zombies in the Endless Survivor mode. Your achievements will be calculated judging on the number of nights that you’re able lớn survive. Stand fast as you’ll receive incredible prizes at the end of your quests.

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Aesthetic cinematic intros

I always like the way that they tell the stories in Stick War Legacy. The comic cinematic intros make the game extremely exciting with their impactful art styles. In additions, they also vì chưng a good job at summing up the previous chapters và explaining what’s happening in the next stages. This allows players lớn catch up with the game’s progress while staying relaxed.

Acquire the Crown of Inamorta in the chiến dịch mode

Your main missions in the single player mode would be to expand your nations to the surrounding lands of the Inamorta where neighboring states constantly wage wars against another. Each faction comes with their own styles of technology và military, choose the ones that suit your styles.

Advance on the maps on your journey khổng lồ look for the legendary Crown of Inamorta & delivering peace to lớn the land, once & for all.

Completely không lấy phí with our version of Stick War Legacy

If you tải về your Stick War trò chơi from Google Play, you’ll likely khổng lồ be bothered by numerous ads as well as the compulsory in-game purchases. As a result, many players thất bại their interest in this great game.

For those who would lượt thích to experience a completely miễn phí game that doesn’t require any additional purchases, you can access our website & look for the Stick War Legacy hacked game. All you have to do is download the file và install it on your app android devices with ease.



The cartoony art style makes the stick figures look extremely friendly. But don’t think of them as regular stick man as they can be fierce warriors when they’re on the battlefield. Aside from the realistic strategy aspect, the trò chơi provides a grand-scale battlefield with amazing weapon effects. In additions, during our tests, there are no noticeable lags as the game run relatively smooth.


Each of your in-game actions is accurately described with realistic sound effects. For example, you can hear the sound of your miner when he’s mining the gold, or hear the sounds of metal weapons crashing into each other in the tense battlefield. In additions, in each stage of the game, there are also intuitive audio tracks lớn enhance your experiences.

Download Stick War Legacy gian lận latest 2022.1.32 apk APK

With wonderful features, the trò chơi is undoubtedly one of the best stick war trò chơi available.

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