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155,906,729 STRAX


155,906,729 STRAX

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Stratis markets

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Über Stratis

Who Are the Founders of Stratis?

Stratis Group Ltd., the company behind the Stratis platform, was founded in năm nhâm thìn by Chris Trew. He started the company with the purpose of developing an enterprise-focused blockchain platform, which he felt was missing from the industry at the time. He decided to lớn base the platform on the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol, believing that Bitcoin would become dominant in the crypto space --- meaning that its codebase would be consistently improved over time.

Before starting Stratis, Trew's background was in enterprise information technology. He taught himself the programming language C# and spent 10 years serving in various IT roles in the legal, aviation and public sectors as well as with financial institutions such as Barclays. He also operated an mạng internet marketing and tìm kiếm engine optimization business.

Within the crypto and blockchain industry, Trew was a volunteer developer for the cryptocurrency project Blitz and social networking platform The Viral Exchange.

What Makes Stratis Unique?

How Many Stratis (STRAX) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the Stratis Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy Stratis (STRAX)?

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