Bài 1: chào thăm

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If you are struggling khổng lồ learn English, you have come lớn the right place! website learning is much better than taking night classes or trying to lớn study at YouTube. Night classes have mix lessons that often vì chưng not match with your cấp độ of understanding. YouTube is full of distracting advertising and enticing videos that pull you away from your studies.  

Here, for a small monthly fee, you can learn at your own pace, study at the level you want, repeat the lessons as many times as you want, with no distracting advertisements! Focus on your goals! Try the không tính phí sample lessons. If you lượt thích the teaching style we invite you join our growing family of students from around the world. Save money be getting the Annual membership. New lessons are added weekly so you will always have new content to study.

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Monthly Pass – $9.99

Sign up today for a month-long pass to all of our English lessons. Your account will automatically renew each month. There are no commitments, you can cancell any time.

Annual Pass – $49.99

Save money by getting an annual pass lớn all of content for just $49.99, including all of the new lessons throughout the year. Focus on your goals of becoming more fluent in English.

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Phone ứng dụng – Included không tính tiền with Annual Pass

Would you lượt thích to study English on your phone with a real phone App? Our Android và iPhone Apps will be available to lớn all who become a member of our trang web program with an Annual Pass.

Your way of teaching is so great that I am able to lớn learn everything on the spot. You explain everything so well and help me learn the right way lớn pronounce.

Nazik Abbas, Pakistan

Frank, you are my best English teacher! Thank you so much!

吴凯, China

Your learning process is soo friendly for beginners lượt thích me. I am so happy lớn learn English from your lessons.

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