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SwordsMan X Mobile
January 26, 2019 (2 years ago)

SwordsMan X Mobile – After Battle Royale has become so famous và popular Ice cream manufacturers apply in their products; now it has begun lớn have variations. This means that the way of playing is expressed with a familiar spirit, but there are significant differences in how it works. The most creative still comes from Chinese game companies when they have launched thousands of products in this direction within only 2 years. Each product has different variations, & both attract players for a long time.

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SwordsMan X mobile is a game that has been announced since 2018, & at the time it was also available on PC systems with positive feedbaông xã from players. The platform of the game is developed based on the classic Chinese martial arts. Because of that, it makes a huge difference from the modern Battle Royal. Here people do not use weapons lượt thích guns, nor equip with modern equipment lớn fight. Sword, bow, blade, horse, … These are suitable replacements for guns và cars. However, the way lớn play và how to operate & the rules in the game remain the same. So players will quickly learn everything và participate in it more easily. The Dream Game Studio itself also stated that they are trying lớn simplify everything about Chinese martial arts culture in the game, to lớn make it more accessible lớn the world.


A survival game with swordplay style

The operation of a Battle Royale game is understandable. One hundred people fight each other until they find the last survivor on the map. However, using weapons and fighting off strange characters is like an RPG. Which means their power will have to rely on the learned skills and weapons they piông chồng up. Each type of weapon will contain 4 different skills, so before you decide to use it, you have sầu to lớn practice first. Don’t let it happen until you meet your opponent và learn how khổng lồ use it; it’s late. Weapons are a way khổng lồ increase strength quickly & effectively, but to have a solid foundation, you must learn skills lớn improve sầu your inner strength.

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You have khổng lồ talk a bit about the in-game means of transport so you can get used to lớn it quickly. SwordsMan X điện thoại simulates the world of classical Chinese martial arts, so you don’t let you go around the bản đồ by car but by a horse. Horses are much more difficult to move sầu than cars, but they also have sầu hidden control skills. Combining attachồng skills while moving on horses will bring advantages khổng lồ your opponent. You will Attaông chồng faster, move sầu faster và run faster.


3D graphics

Like many other survival games, SwordsMan X mobile has beautiful 3 chiều graphics, characters, và landscapes that are carefully designed & thoughtful. So players will enter a fanciful world lượt thích Chinese swordplay movies. The controls are also quite simple; if you are familiar with PUBG Mobile, this game is the same. However, the buttons are rearranged so that players can manipulate the most straightforward way on large screen phones.

It is expected that the game will take up about 3GB of internal memory, so kiểm tra before downloading và installing SwordsMan X. Also, the game also has a PC version provided on Steam. If interested, you can find it here.

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