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My Talking Angela MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a virtual pet game released by Outfit7 as a part of Talking Tom and Friends series. If you love Talking Tom, make friends with his xinh tươi girlfriend – Angela.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
My Talking Angela
Casual (build 1640)
Unlimited Money
Android 4.1

About My Talking Angela

This game was first launched in November 2012 for iPhone and ipad tablet. The Android version was released a year later và was officially available on Google Play in năm trước. Since then, Angela has been a close friover of hundreds of millions of players worldwide, including many children.


Your best frikết thúc is here!

When playing My Talking Angela, you are a “parent” of a đáng yêu, beautiful cát girl. You are responsible for raising it, feeding it, bathing và dressing the cát in the best clothes. A great journey awaits you, where you can raise a pet và keep trachồng of its development since it’s just a little mèo.

Not only that, but Angela is also a smart, cheerful & emotional cát. Sometimes it’s very xinh tươi, but sometimes it can feel sad & unpleasant. In that state, you can hardly play with this cát girl.

One of the salient features of virtual pets on Mobile is that Angela has the ability lớn mimic human sounds like Talking Tom. When you talk or sing, this cat will listen and then mimic with a xinh đẹp voice.

Feed the cat

Of course. Although she’s just a virtual cát on her mobile, Angela needs to eat lượt thích her friends. It is a way for cats to be healthy và grow well. When the cát feels hungry, choose the Knife & Fork inhỏ to lớn bring your mèo lớn the dining table. After that, you can let your mèo eat every dish presented on the table. They can be biscuits, lollipops, fresh milk, hamburger, …

At the first màn chơi, you are provided with the necessary food. After level 5, the game requires you to lớn buy mèo food from a gold or kim cương store. When the clock indicates your food has reached 100%, that means Angela is completely healthy.

Let’s play!

Outfit7’s cats are always very naughty và want khổng lồ play. Like My Talking Tom, you can increase your cat’s Happy point by playing with it or playing mini-games. Playing mini-games is also a way for you khổng lồ earn lots of gold coins, thereby buying cat clothes or decorations for the house.

Take care of Angela

As a mèo lady, Angela needs a bath regularly. Cliông chồng on the shower ibé khổng lồ take the mèo to the bathroom, then you can bathe và brush your cat’s teeth. After each shower, you will receive sầu a gold coin & experience to lớn level up. Besides, Angela also needs khổng lồ go khổng lồ the toilet every day.

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After a day of playing, your mèo will be tired & want to go lớn sleep. At this point, you cannot play minigames or talk to Angela. Put your mèo to sleep & turn off the power, then cchiến bại My Talking Angela và wait a few hours khổng lồ continue playing. Or you can use diamonds lớn buy medicine khổng lồ help your cat get healthy right away.



The difference between Angela & Tom is that this girl loves fashion. There are many beautiful clothes & dresses for her, and you can tăng cấp them. If you’re a fashion lover, create the coolest hairstyles for Angela, then you can show off her on social networks lượt thích Facebook or Instagram.

MOD APK version of My Talking Angela

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: With the number of money & diamonds available in MOD APK version of the game, you can siêu thị comfortably. Now, money is no longer your worry. However, you still need khổng lồ reach the required màn chơi to lớn buy some special clothing.

Why should you use the MOD version?

The purpose of most people who play this game is lớn raise cats until adulthood & buy expensive decorative sầu items. You can buy the dresses of Princess Elsa or an alien outfit for Angela.

However, the money in the game is quite hard to earn. It will take a lot of time to lớn buy chất lượng outfits or decorations. We can help you.


You don’t see the money when using the MOD version? Do not worried. You will get a lot of money after buying something in the store.

Download My Talking Angela MOD APK for Android

My Talking Angela is not just a game, it’s also a great frikết thúc on your phone. Millions of families around the world love sầu và trust this game, especially children. The game is completely safe for kids, they can learn khổng lồ play with pets through Angela. If you love sầu pets or like My Talking Tom, this is the game you can’t miss.

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