VEGAS Pro gives you all the tools you need for professional video clip editing with advanced HDR color correction, live sầu streaming và sound kiến thiết.

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Video editing with VEGAS Pro


Produce fast, high-chất lượng edits while staying focused on your story.

Unlimited video và audio tracksStoryboard & timeline synchronizationScene detectionNested timelinesAdjustment tracksKeyframing và automation controlMulticam editingHundreds of filters, effects, transitions and titlesCustomized workflow, shortcuts & layoutsScripting API

Work with a wide range of formats.

HEVC 10bit 4:2:2Sony XDCAM & XAVCPanasonic AVCHDRED RAWBlackmagic RAW Beta

Transsize RAW high dynamic range Clip into unforgettable scenes.

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Log color correction và gradingRange limited color wheelsRGB color curvesWhite và blachồng point correctionProfessional HDR Clip scopesHDR10 & HLG in ACES 1.2 color spaceImport & export LUTs


Produce immersive sầu chroma key with Academy Award nominated tools used in the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter & Spider-Man.

Automatic green/xanh screen analysisManual transparency tuningLighting adjustment lớn correct unevenly lit screensPowerful edge correction and cleaning toolsetIntegrated Academy Award winning Mophụ thân masking & planar tracking system

Built inlớn the core of VEGAS Pro is a deep learning module designed for creativity và accelerated editing.

Colorization lớn bring blaông chồng và White scenes khổng lồ lifeStyle transfer lớn mimic the look of famous artists such as Picasso & Van Gogh

Apply effects lớn several Clip tracks on the timeline faster now. All effects made khổng lồ the adjustment traông xã will be reflected in the đoạn Clip tracks below.

Màu sắc correct and grade multiple tracksAdd enhanced effect chainsAdjust opacity envelopes across multiple tracks
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