So for context for anyone that doesn't know, the Tap King is this thing. It is, in essence These two bits, one dispenser, the other a bunch of 3.2L Bottles. Now, as seen on Tap King Hacked, you can basically grind it down and turn it into an el-cheapo Homebrew Kegging system.

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I currently own two of the dispensers and want to lớn build one to lớn be a Homebrew dispenser, & leave sầu the other as a Recycled Keg Generator (seeing as I cannot afford a full blown Keg system or kegerator at the current time, and portability is also a requirement). Before I fiddle with anything though, I would lượt thích lớn hear from anyone who has tried these hacks out.

How has it turned out? Is it easier/faster than the basic bottling process? Are there any issues I should watch out for? Is it worth the effort?


I couldn't easily find a price for the Tap King, but judging by it it seems that you are in Australia which would explain why the Tap-A-Draft wasn't your first choice (it's a lot cheaper over here in the states).

After reviewing the tap king hacked website, I think I would recommover lớn just pony up the extra bucks and get a tap-a-draft. Even now that I have sầu upgraded to a full kegging system I still use it to lớn bring larger than growler amounts of beer lớn parties (and work).

Wow, tap-a-draft is really expensive in Australia. I have sầu one that I use with 3L bottles but that price would have given me pause. Still, it does work quite well so maybe it would be worth that higher price.

Thanks for the heads up - it definitely seems lượt thích that system would be just what I want. My only issue is that I have sầu most of the stuff necessary to lớn make the Tap King Hack already lying around, so $150 odd is a little steep in comparison lớn $30 and a drill bit for me. Plus, I can mooch of my mates who have sầu the Tap King, and nichồng all of their empty bottles (saving me further expenses on bottles).

Overall, it sounds lớn me like the Tap-A-Draft is the better designed system, and overall, better for Homebrew, but the Tap King Haông xã lets me vày the same for cheaper with a little more work.

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You dont have sầu khổng lồ vị the full haông xã. You can disassemble it (will need to lớn for cleaning và sanatising anyway) & replace the internal co2 canister. Contemplating trying it but then I also saw the master brewer minikeg. It uses 5 litre bottles và the despensing attachment looks simpler and not as bulky. I might look into lớn that while I wait lớn mix up a keg system.

On the other h& if you have sầu two tap king despensers sitting there what have you got to lớn lose?

Edit: Might be worth asking the same question in r/AusHomebrew

Yeah I originally was going to go towards the internal CO2 replacement, but apparently the 12g versions the Kegs use are obnoxious khổng lồ find, and with the external system I could (once I get the money scrounged up) hook a refillable gas canister up lớn the keg and lower the cost of refills.

I will also need lớn look inlớn that minikeg, that seems real interesting.

EDIT: Internet not mean same as Internal. I don't even have spellcheck to lớn blame :|

Yes. I hooked mine up with a sodastream co2 bottle & used it to lớn dispense homebrew for a good 6 months. It was a fun project but it has its issues. Carbonation was a bit tricky, especially if you were doing 6 bottles at a time. I would attempt khổng lồ force carbonate with shaking, but even then, I found they needed 4-6 hours on the gas lớn carb properly.

Bottling is faster, but then you have to clean và sanitize the caps. If you leave the original gas canisters in, they can rust. While not really affecting the beer, it isn't a good look.

Its a great gateway to kegging, but I eventually got siông chồng of the maintenance & cleaning. Basically it's what got me back into home brewing, so not all bad :)

Edit: spelling

Thanks for the writeup! I personally would be doing Natural Carbonation, so no need to shake for me (the CO2 canister will just be there khổng lồ maintain pressure while the beer drains).

How much longer did it take lớn vày the kegs in comparison to lớn bottling (if you remember)?

Did you ever try Lagering a beer using the mini-kegs? Was it any better than bottle Lagering?

Anyway thanks for the heads up, this sounds like it might be a good little DIY project to lớn try out!

Ive got 4 tap king bottles located in newcastle, nsw if anyone wants khổng lồ come grab em fo free. I can post if youre willing lớn pay the cost.

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