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Table 2), but feel less diffident about asking for lifts from family members, seeking out community transport or even using taxis, despite the expense.

Unicellular organisms may respond by using complex taxis.

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Tours had been fully booked months before the voyage: passengers seeking private tours on the day found no taxis or public transport available.

Finally, we can't resist the temptation vĩ đại comment about the taxis.

Many stimuli have been shown vĩ đại elicit a taxis response, such as chemicals (chemotaxis), adhesiveness of the substrate (haptotaxis), oxygen (aerotaxis), and electric fields (galvanotaxis).

A positive figure indicated the degree of flea taxis towards the rat and a negative figure the degree of flea taxis away from the rat.

In (123), this results in a formula that no longer requires the taxiing vĩ đại have been completed.

I become aware of this tuy vậy everywhere, in taxis, fast food restaurants and bars, at house parties and on radio.

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Thus, the basis of taxis is the modulation of the switching frequency of the motor rotation by the signal released from receptors.

Once it became clear that a referendum was unlikely, people invested in, or borrowed for, small enterprises (shops, cafes, taxis, goat herds and pay-per-minute cell phone booths).

Where safe, paramedics could write prescriptions under the supervision of the emergency physician and taxis could be arranged for transport that does not require lights and sirens.

As in example (1), here we see the same kind of action on another flight, as the pilots are taxiing the aircraft vĩ đại the runway for takeoff.

Figures for taxis were not recorded separately until the current year.

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We have had vĩ đại listen vĩ đại stories of tapas bars, taxis and train stations.

Therefore, they will be forced vĩ đại go vĩ đại licensed premises, vĩ đại milk bars, or vĩ đại make more use of taxis.

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