Tdsk co ltd absolutely respects & ensures the privacy of your information on the mạng internet & your own personal privacy. To better help you understvà how we collect, use, & protect the information you give khổng lồ us, please read the following Privacy Policy.

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1.What information we collect and why we collect itThe data we collect:•When you use upgame’games, websites, applications and related services (“Service”), upgame will collect personal information from you, including your contact information (such as name and email address), player name và password, profile information (such as profile photo), your messages lớn the Service (such as chat logs & player tư vấn information) và other data you choose lớn provide us (such as data to identify a lost account).•We may collect some personal information from you automatically, including data about your account và game progress, your IPhường. address & thiết bị di động device identifiers (such as your device ID, advertising ID, MAC address, IMEI), data about your device (such as device name & operating system, browser type & language), data we collect with cookies & similar technologies, precise geo-location data & data about your use of the Service (such as gameplay data và your interactions with other players inside the Service).•We may also collect some personal information from our partners, including Data we receive sầu if you link a third tiệc ngọt tool with the Service (such as Facebook, WeChat or Google), Demographic data (such as lớn determine the coarse location of your IP address), Data to lớn fight fraud (such as refund abuse in games), Data from platforms that the games run on (such as khổng lồ verify payment), & Data for advertising & analytics purposes, to provide you a better serviceWhy we collect your data (for “Specific Purpose”)We use the data to lớn make the Service work, create accounts và allow you lớn play our games and use our Service, verify and confirm payments, provide & deliver products và services you request, develop và improve the Service and player experience, sover you related information, such as updates, security alerts, và tư vấn messages, enable you to lớn communicate with other players và track your trương mục history, and show you personalized advertisements.

2.Data SharingApart from upgame, we will discthất bại necessary data lớn the following third parties solely for the Specific Purpose in accordance with Applicable Law (means all laws, rules, and regulations throughout the territory applicable to lớn the Service, such as General Data Protection Regulations(EU)2016/679): other players and users, Partners working for upgame, & any other international data transfers.upgame will adhere to lớn this Privacy Policy when disclosing certain information to lớn third parties mentioned above, except in the following situations:1)Judicial requirements;2)When you use upgame’ games, websites and related services (“Service”) is illegal. For public safety, this site will cooperate with the respective agent of law by providing them with whatever information they require.

3.Your Rights & Options•Opt-out of marketing emails and targeted advertising.You can opt-out of receiving promotional communications & targeted advertising, such as sale emails from us by following the instructions in such communications.•Your other rights.You also have sầu the right to correct your data, have sầu your data deleted, object how we use or cốt truyện your data, và restrict how we use or nội dung your data. You can always withdraw your consent, for example by turning off GPS location sharing in your Mobile device settings.

4.About CookiesFor better personal service, upgame may use cookies to save certain information & trachồng data. This site uses cookies khổng lồ traông chồng the number of visitors to lớn the site, as well as their current website browser. This information is collected for market analysis purposes only. Cookies also serve sầu as a third-tiệc ngọt user: when ad agencies place ads on the site, the market analysis, information & other data they collect comes from cookies, and not directly from you.

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5.LinksIf you follow liên kết or ads on our site that links lớn other websites, please be sure that you are familiar with their own privacy policies; our privacy policy does not apply to lớn any external sites.

6.Protecting YourselfPlease keep your tài khoản and password private and vày not give sầu such information khổng lồ anyone else. If you are using a shared device, log out and cthua thảm all relevant windows & apps respectively to lớn protect your personal information.

7.Age LimitsIf you are under the age of 16 years, please bởi not skết thúc any data about yourself to lớn us without the prior consent of the holder of parental responsibility. In the sự kiện that you sover any data to us, it shall be deemed that you have sầu obtained the consent in accordance with the requirements mentioned above sầu.


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Changes to lớn this Privacy Policyupgame reserves the right to lớn change or delete portions of this Privacy Policy at any time, as well as make any additions khổng lồ it, which will be announced & made effective on the Home Page News section.This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the provisions of Applicable Law, if there is any discrepancy between this Privacy Policy & Applicable Law, the Applicable Law shall prevail.

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