Solution to fix “the system cannot find the file specified” error

The system cannot find the file specified error on Windows 10 is pretty comtháng and it really contains the mô tả tìm kiếm. We"ve sầu got the complete solution for you in the article below.

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If you try to access file.txt.txt instead of file.txt in Comm& Prompt, you’ll see that it works without any issues. There’s also another way lớn check the file extension of your files in Command Prompt.

Simply navigate khổng lồ the desired folder in Command Prompt and enter dir commvà.

List of all directories và files in that folder will now appear. As you can see, you can now easily find the full name và extension of any tệp tin in that directory.

This isn’t an error, và it’s more of a beginner’s mistake. In the future, before trying to lớn access a certain file, be sure to check for its full name by using the dir comm& or by revealing tệp tin extensions.

Need more info on how lớn show file extensions in Windows 10? Take a look at this useful guide.

How can I fix The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error in uTorrent?

Solution 1 – Delete the problematic torrent

If you’re getting The system cannot find the file specified error while using uTorrent, you might be able to temporary fix it by using this solution. To fix the problem, follow these simple steps:

xuất hiện uTorrent.Now locate the torrent that is giving you this message, right cliông chồng it và choose Remove sầu And Delete .torrent + Data option.After doing that, try lớn tải về the same torrent again.

Keep in mind that this is just a temporary workaround, so it’s quite possible that the same error message will appear again.

We also have khổng lồ warn you that this method will completely delete the torrent and all associated files from your PC.

If you’re getting the System cannot find path uTorrent error in Windows 10, follow this article khổng lồ solve sầu the problem.

Solution 2 – Chechồng the torrent’s download folder

Sometimes The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error occurs if your tải về thư mục path isn’t correct. To fix this issue, be sure khổng lồ manually select the download folder for each torrent.

To do that, follow these steps:

Right cliông xã the problematic torrent.From the menu select Advanced > Set Download Location.Now select the correct download folder.Repeat these steps for all affected torrents.

Alternatively, you can set a mặc định download thư mục for all torrents by doing the following:

mở cửa uTorrent & choose Options > Preferences.Now navigate to lớn the Directories tab.Select Put new downloads in option and choose the desired thư mục.

After doing that, the error message should be completely resolved.

Solution 3 – Perkhung a Disk Cleanup

According to users, you can fix The system cannot find the tệp tin specified in uTorrent simply by performing a Disk Cleanup.

Sometimes temporary files or old Windows installations can interfere with uTorrent và cause this error lớn appear.

Several users reported that Disk Cleanup fixed their problem, so we suggest that you try it out.

Regarding Disk Cleanup, we already explained how to persize it in one of our previous solutions, so be sure to check it out.

While performing Disk Cleanup be sure lớn select all available options in order to remove all unnecessary and old files.

Can’t get rid of the temporary files? After following these easy steps, you’ll delete them like a pro.

Solution 4 – Delete uTorrent installation manually

Sometimes The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error can appear if your uTorrent installation is corrupted.

According to lớn users, uTorrent isn’t available on the danh sách of installed applications, và it starts on its own.

If you have the same problem, & you can’t remove sầu uTorrent, you need to lớn follow these steps:

When Task Manager opens, locate uTorrent in the Processes tab. Right cliông xã it & choose mở cửa file location from the menu.uTorrent installation directory will appear, and you’ll be able to lớn remove sầu it manually.

Can’t open Task Manager? Don’t worry, we’ve sầu got the right solution for you.

How can I fix The system cannot find the file specified?

Solution 1 – Use Chromebook Recovery utility

According to users, this error can appear while trying to format specific USB flash drives.

It seems that The system cannot find the file specified affects USB flash drives that are used as Chromebook recovery image holders.

In order to lớn fix the problem, users are suggesting to lớn use Chromebook Recovery utility to lớn erase the USB drive.

After doing that, the flash drive will start working in Windows 10, and the error will be resolved. To fix the problem, follow these steps:

Connect the problematic USB flash drive khổng lồ your PC.Start the Chromebook Recovery utility.Clichồng on Settings and choose Erase recovery media.From the dropdown menu select your USB flash drive sầu.Cliông xã Continue > Erase now.Wait for the process to lớn finish & cliông xã Done.

After doing that, you’ll be able khổng lồ format the flash drive sầu once again from your operating system. Keep in mind that this solution only works with USB drives that are used as recovery truyền thông for Chromebook.

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Solution 2 – Use clean commvà in diskpart tool

If you’re having The system cannot find the file specified error while using your USB flash drive sầu, you might need lớn use diskpart lớn fix it.

This process will remove sầu all files from your flash drive, so create a backup if you need to lớn.

To clean the USB flash drive, do the following:

Start Commvà Prompt as administrator.When Command Prompt opens, enter diskpart và press Enter.Now enter danh sách disk comm&. List of storage devices will appear. Check the size of each drive sầu and be sure to lớn locate your USB flash drive. It’s crucial to lớn select the correct drive sầu or else you’ll delete all files from your hard drive sầu permanently.Enter select disk X khổng lồ select your USB flash drive sầu. In our example we used select disk 1 since disk 1 matches our USB flash drive. Once again, be sure to double check everything & select the correct USB flash drive.Cthất bại Commvà Prompt.

Now your USB flash drive sầu is clean from any files, và in order to lớn use it, you need to lớn format it. To do that, follow these steps:

Press Windows Key + X & choose Disk Management from the danh sách.Select the desired options và format your drive.After the formatting process is completed, cđại bại Disk Management.

As you can see, this process is relatively simple, but you need to be extra cautious while using diskpart tool.

Solution 3 – Make changes to your registry

The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error appears for some users while inserting a USB flash drive sầu to lớn their PC. To fix this problem, you need lớn make some changes lớn your registry.

Before making any changes, we advise you khổng lồ create a backup of the registry, just in case.

Start Registry Editor. To see how to lớn do that, be sure khổng lồ check some of our previous solutions.Now navigate lớn HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesvds key in the left pane.In the right pane, look for ImagePath. By default, it should have sầu a value of %SystemRoot%System32vds.exe cộ. According khổng lồ users, the problem can sometimes be %SystemRoot% variable, và you need to lớn change it manually.Double click ImagePath khổng lồ edit it. Replace %SystemRoot% with C:Windows in Value data field. After making the changes, Value data field will look lượt thích this: C:WindowsSystem32vds.exe. Cliông xã OK to save changes.Cthất bại Registry Editor.

In some rare cases %SystemRoot% variable might not work properly, và that will cause this error to appear.

After making the necessary changes & replacing the value with the absolute path, the issue should be resolved.

Solution 4 – Format the drive on Mac or Linux

If you can’t access your flash drive sầu on Windows due to lớn The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error, you might need to format it on Mac or Linux first.

According khổng lồ users, they solved the issue simply by connecting their flash drive to lớn any Mac or Linux computer & formatting the drive using FAT32 file system.

After formatting the drive sầu, connect it lớn your Windows 10 PC & follow the Solution 2 khổng lồ clean the drive sầu using diskpart tool.

Solution 5 – Disable automount

In one of our previous solutions we mentioned how enabling the automount feature can fix The system cannot find the tệp tin specified when inserting a USB flash drive.

However, it seems that in some cases you can fix this error by disabling automount in diskpart. To bởi vì that, you need khổng lồ follow these steps:

Open Command Prompt as administrator.Enter diskpart & press Enter.Now enter automount disable.Cthất bại Command Prompt and kiểm tra if the error is resolved.

After disabling automount, you should be able to format your removable storage without any errors. After you’re done, you might want khổng lồ enable the automount feature.

To see how khổng lồ vị that, check out one of our previous solutions.

Solution 6 – Delete and format all partitions

This solution will delete all files from your hard drive, so if you’re going lớn use it, be sure khổng lồ bachồng up all your important files.

Since this solution will delete all files, we suggest that you use it only with a new PC that doesn’t have sầu any important files stored on it.

Users reported that after reinstalling their operating system they are unable khổng lồ initialize their additional hard drive sầu.

According to them, they are unable to initialize it due to The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error message.

If you have this or any other similar issue, you can fix it by using Partition Wizard software.

Simply create a bootable flash drive with this tool & start your PC from it. After the tool starts, you need khổng lồ delete all your partitions on the drive that you can’t initialize và format them again.

After that, initialize partitions as GPT.

If you want khổng lồ convert MBR khổng lồ GPT disk without data loss, kiểm tra out this awesome guide.

Want to create a Windows 10 bootable UEFI USB drive? Follow the steps from this article và vì chưng it in no time.

Once again, this solution will delete all files from the problematic drive sầu, so be sure khổng lồ use this solution as a last resort or only with a new PC or an empty hard drive sầu.

The system cannot find the tệp tin specified error can affect your PC in many different ways. This can be an annoying error, but we hope that you solved it by using one of our solutions.

If you have any other questions, feel free khổng lồ leave sầu them in the comments section below and we’ll surely check them out.

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