Toca Mystery House App Review

Toca Boca’s latest app, Toca Mystery House, gives kids some weird và wondrous rooms to lớn explore. I’ve mentioned before that my kids (even the older ones) still love playing with the Toca Life apps, which are a bit like digital dollhouses: you have people and animals that you can move around from setting to setting, putting things in their hands, opening & closing doors và drawers, and all sorts of other things.

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A few of Toca Boca’s apps, however, have a slightly different approach: they don’t use the familiar characters and play style, but instead have a little more of an experimental nature. For instance, Toca Lab Plants lets you manipulate various plants, crossbreeding them or exposing them to lớn different stimuli, resulting in new types of plants. Toca Kitchen lets you phối up crazy foods and feed them to a goofy person, who reacts in hilarious ways.


Toca Mystery House is in the vein of these other apps, dropping you into an environment with no obvious indications what you should be doing. When you enter the house, you can swipe left and right lớn walk around the hallway, in which you’ll spot peeling wallpaper, cracks in the walls (usually with glowing eyes peeking out), và various doors.


Each doorway leads to lớn a different room (sometimes through additional hallways) with strange creatures và objects lớn interact with. Up the stairs, you’ll find these two robed beings who present you with various shapes—a cube, a cylinder, a sphere—that you manipulate by tapping, swiping, and spinning so that they mở cửa up và unlock the secrets inside.


Down in the basement there lives a quái nhân head that plays music. You can tug its ears, nose, và even its eyeballs to địa chỉ various voices or instruments. Tap its teeth lượt thích a marimba & figure out how khổng lồ bring in choruses of ghosts và other weird creatures.

In the fridge, there’s a large pink blob that has more little shapes floating around inside it. You can squirt the shapes out into the lower part of the fridge, where they attach khổng lồ each other và random objects in various configurations.

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And then there’s the laboratory, where you mix and match thử nghiệm tubes of liquids along with eyeballs và peppers và crystals to create bulbs of potion. You feed these bulbs khổng lồ the little creature (that pink spiky guy in the background), causing it to lớn change shape and màu sắc and size. My kids had fun trying lớn figure out what effects different ingredients would have, khổng lồ see if there’s some consistency lớn the formulas.


While you can just play and explore the house, you’ll notice that in many of the hallways there are incomplete displays: empty racks or hooks or picture frames. As you accomplish certain things, you’ll see things appear in these displays, lượt thích achievements or trophies. Some of them were easier to lớn get than others, và my kids spent a lot of time filling out our collection. It’s an interesting approach: it makes it sort of a game to try lớn get all the trophies, but at the same time the phầm mềm is more lượt thích a toy, where you can just play with the things that you find interesting.

What we liked about Toca Mystery House is that it just dropped you into the house with no instructions. You just wander around, poking & prodding at things, and there are lots of little details lớn discover. At first, you have no idea what will fill in the displays, but as you experiment, you’ll start figuring out how they’re grouped, và which displays pertain to lớn which rooms.

I did find myself wishing the house were bigger, that there were even more rooms khổng lồ explore. My youngest daughter (age 5) has fun playing with the various rooms, but my older girls were definitely focused on the displays. Once those were achieved, they were primarily interested in the lab room & didn’t have quite as much interest in revisiting the other areas.

If your kids like the Toca Boca apps—particularly the ones outside of the Toca Life series—then they may enjoy Toca Mystery House. It’s got just a little bit of creepiness (as befits a haunted house) but is done in a very xinh tươi way. Visit the Toca Boca website for more about the app, which is available for iOS & Android.

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