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No, this isn’t a little sex blog with kinky words & tips for a longer and better time. This is about a well-known mạng internet sensation known as Gatita Yan who promotes, markets và sells sex toys. Her channels are only social truyền thông and anything remotely accessible via the mạng internet.

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Her real name going by Tong Lee Yann, she has been doing this little B2C since năm nhâm thìn venture when the sex industry started lớn boom to the mass population but lượt thích all industries; the sales success stories would vary from people lớn people. And how did this young lady accomplish all that so quickly? (her annual income can reach a million ringgit alone)

Branding & Marketing

Gatita has arguably a very powerful tool: physical traits. Well, as seeing it is the sex industry, one’s looks would be highly valuable và powerful. she’s đáng yêu, outwardly beautiful possesses an arguably perfect pair &, just outright charming to boot.

Most of the time, her sale materials simply come from her posing with a cute smile next khổng lồ her products with a catchy tagline as per below:


Her “cuteness” has attracted tens of thousands of followers especially on social truyền thông và the multipurpose messaging app, Wechat, where she has a reported 80,000 followers. And out of that number, about 2/3 of them purchases her products every month via personal request & she ships the products to them.

Obstacles & Challenges

Like all sales people, Gatita, too, faces hard times but not for the average reason as many other sales people. Her challenge is harassment from perverted men whom (despite her professionalism of selling sex toys & not being sexually mischievous herself) all try khổng lồ get inkhổng lồ her pants as well as into lớn her wallet.

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Although such cases are limited and support for her is pouring far more than the harassment, she still faces such things from time lớn time và I personally find it sad that she is “already used to lớn that sort of thing” before even going inlớn this business.

The most unfortunate sự kiện came from a customer who made a very “special” request upon purchasing but she finally had enough of the pervert and posted his messages online as well as his picture. Clichồng here khổng lồ read that story.

Motivation và Mindset

Her thoughts on what drives her khổng lồ keep doing this business is quite broad và generalized like everyone else who go inlớn selling: making more money. Initially, she was hesitant khổng lồ start out as a vendor for adult toys but after seeing the incentive being very, very lucrative sầu, she continued, and business has been booming.

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She also finds that people everywhere deserved to lớn be happy và if self-pleasure (or mutual pleasure) is one of them, then why not?

The Sales Ninja Approach

Gatita’s story is not one that is unheard of. On a large-scale visionary of things, Gigita is just another successful tale of a business-to-consumer (B2C) mã sản phẩm. The only difference is her beauty and how well it matches up with what she sells.

To Sales Ninja, she has everything that a sales person should have:

The Mind & Motivation of a WarriorThe Discipline and Professional ApproachKnowing How khổng lồ USE her physical features as a selling pointMarketing knowledge despite NO Marketing background

At Sales Ninja, we can’t train you to look lượt thích Gatita Yan but we CAN train you on how khổng lồ be LIKE her:

HOW khổng lồ Sell your products to the Mass PopulationHOW khổng lồ maintain Energy, Motivation and FocusHOW lớn Sell anything during Tough TimesHOW lớn find more leads khổng lồ prospectHOW to manage your time & tasks efficientlyHOW to use the proper channels khổng lồ sell your product

For a more complete và customized training program, click HERE lớn contact us so we can create the perfect training program for you and your people!

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