To “treat yourself” means khổng lồ bởi something good & pleasurable for yourself, but not something necessary.

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Treat yourself

It’s time to treat yourself! If your ears just perked up with excitement, then you probably know what today’s phrase means. To treat yourself means khổng lồ vị something good và pleasurable for yourself, but not something necessary. Something you vị just for the enjoyment of it.

You might treat yourself to an ice cream cone one night. This is something you bởi just for the pleasure—there really is no other reason lớn eat ice cream. If you lượt thích grilled chicken, you don’t generally say you “treat yourself” to a piece of grilled chicken. It’s not a treat because it’s something you’d eat anyway; it’s not special.
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Perhaps you lượt thích massages. Fun fact about me: I have sầu never had a professional mát xa. I’m afraid I’m going lớn lượt thích it too much! But some people treat themselves lớn a mát xa every now & then. They bởi vì it lớn make themselves feel better. It’s a luxury. Now if you get hurt and you need a massage khổng lồ help you recover, that’s a different story. That’s not a treat: that’s something medically necessary.

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Earlier, I said that many people consider a long night’s sleep a treat. You can treat yourself lớn a long night of sleep. But actually, a long night of sleep is necessary for your help. That’s why this attitude is wrong. If you believe that you can “treat yourself” to a long night’s sleep, that means you don’t recognize the true physical and mental benefits to lớn sleep. Some people think that a full night’s sleep is just a luxury; they think it’s not really necessary. So they “treat themselves” to a full night’s sleep every once in a while—the same way they’d treat themselves khổng lồ an ice cream cone.

But we learned today that this is not the right attitude—that a full night’s sleep is not a luxury, but rather an essential component of your physical và mental health.

What vì chưng you bởi to treat yourself? I hope you vày something because it’s good lớn treat yourself every once in a while. When COVID hit, I decided I was going khổng lồ treat myself to lớn small luxuries. One of those small luxuries was freshly-roasted coffee beans. Instead of buying my coffee beans at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, I decided to lớn get them at a small coffee roastery near my house, or other places similar to lớn that. You can buy beans roasted just that morning. It’s a bit more expensive sầu than normal, but considering that I’m spending so much less in other parts of my life, I decided lớn treat myself to lớn this.

Quote of the Week

You knew I was going to pick a sleep-related quote, right? This one does appear in the book, “Why We Sleep,” & it’s a quote from someone long ago. I’m going khổng lồ read you the quote. It’s kind of long. But as you listen to lớn it, think about how closely this hews lớn the current scientific knowledge and findings. When it’s done, I’ll tell you who said it—và in what year.

Ok, here we go:

“It is a curious fact…that the interval of a single night will greatly increase the strength of the memory….Whatever the cause, things which could not be recalled on the spot are easily coordinated the next day, & time itself, which is generally one of the causes of forgetfulness, actually serves khổng lồ strengthen the memory.”

That sounds lượt thích it might have been written as the introduction lớn a scientific paper on the findings about sleep. But no. In fact, that was Quintilian, a Roman educator who lived in modern-day Spain, from about the year 35 to the year 100 A.D. He lived almost two thousand years ago! And he could recognize that a good night’s sleep could increase the memory. And here we are in the year 20đôi mươi with our sleep-deprived life and constant interruptions, discovering things that Quintilian could have told us when he lived so long ago. So here’s the first part of the quote again, “It is a curious fact…that the interval of a single night will greatly increase the strength of the memory” by the Roman educator Quintilian.

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