Trine Enchanted Edition

Trine: Enchanted Edition is a beautiful action/puzzle game phối in a fantasy fairy tale world. The puzzles are physics based so objects will move based on momentum & gravity.

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You control three characters each with chất lượng abilities. The world is being overrun by hordes of undead. These three heroes must work together to lớn restore balance khổng lồ their world.

The Enchanted Edition was released in năm trước & brought the original Trine game up to tốc độ with Trine 2 with enhanced graphics & online game play.

Trine Characters

In Trine you play three characters whose souls have been merged together. At different points in the game you will need lớn use the various abilities of each of them to progress. Sometimes there are multiple ways to lớn overcome an obstacle so if one character doesn’t work try another one.


Thief (Zoya) – The thief has a bow and the ability khổng lồ shoot arrows. She also has the grappling hook which makes it easy to swing between ledges.

Wizard (Amadeus) – The wizard has some unique abilities including being able to lớn materialize a cube và telekinesis (moving objects at a distance).

Knight (Pontius) – The knight is the brute strength of the các buổi tiệc nhỏ & comes armed with a sword & shield.

Switching between characters is instantaneous và you can change characters by using the 1, 2, 3 keys for the Wizard, Thief & Knight respectively. Alternatively you can switch backwards và forwards using the c, v keys. The heroes will advance their skills as you progress with the game.

Trine Enchanted Edition Walkthrough

Level 1) Astral Academy – This cấp độ is more of an introduction to lớn the characters & their abilities more than anything else. There are 15 experience potions here and all of them are fairly easy lớn find.

Level 2) Academy Hallways – Now we go deeper into the Academy. This cấp độ is far more complex than the first intro level & has 25 experience potions khổng lồ find as well as 2 secret chests.

Level 3) Wolvercote Catacombs – Now we enter deeper into lớn the lands of the dead. You’ll meet your first trùm here as well as learn a cool new skill for the knight.

Level 4) Dragon Graveyard – A fun level to play with a new spell for the wizard to piông xã up, two new items and 25 potions to find. Great thunder & lightning effects as well as giant dragon bones!

Level 5) Crystal Caverns – Another beautiful level with glowing crystals & clear water. Lots of potions lớn find. 30 in all with a couple of secret chests as well.

Level 6) Crypt of the Damned – This is a fun cấp độ where the thief gets to lớn learn the fire arrow skill. There’s only đôi mươi potions to lớn collect & two secret chests. If you survive the trùm fight the last two potions of this level are very tricky.

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Level 7) Forsaken Dungeons – With 30 potions lớn find, 20 experience points from killing skeletons & a trùm fight you’ll really enjoy this level. Some of the potions are very tricky to find so make sure you kiểm tra out the walkthrough for detailed descriptions and pics of every potion location.

Level 8) Throne of the Lost King – The castle has been taken over by the undead & what once was a beautiful citadel is now fallen inkhổng lồ disrepair.

Level 9) Fangle Forest – The Fangle Forest is a dark, enchanted forest. In it you’ll find 30 experience potions & two secret chests.

Level 10) Shadowthorn Thicket – Head inlớn the deep dark forest called the Shadowthorn Thicket It’s filled with acid water và fire breathing skeletons. Light up the torches and make your way through as best you can.

Level 11) Ruins of the Perished – Zoya is quite attached khổng lồ this once beautiful place which is now in ruins. There are a lot of potions scattered about and two secret chests khổng lồ find.

Level 12) Heartland Mines – The mines are a tricky place to navigate with broken bridges, falling rocks and spiky balls to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with. Be prepared lớn die a lot unless you are very good with Zoya. There’s 25 potions to lớn find & a new skill for Amadeus.

Level 13) Bramblestoke Village – The village of Bramblestoke has been abandoned except for the skeletons. Find all 30 potions and the two secret chests before finding your way out of this forest.

Level 14) Iron Forge – The longest & hardest cấp độ in the game will be quite a challenge even for experienced players. Make your way through the Iron Forge gathering all 35 experience potions along the way.

Level 15) Tower of Sarek -Finally we come face to lớn face with Sarek & try to lớn rid the world of this evil. Climb khổng lồ the top of the tower và find the Trine.

Level 16) Path khổng lồ New Dawn – Not officially part of the main game but a bonus level just lượt thích the Tower of Sarek but with a different setting.


Trine Enchanted Edition was published in 2014 by Frozenbyte. This is a remade version of the original Trine which was published in 2009 và features enhanced graphics in line with the Trine 2 game. The three playable characters are the Wizard, Thief and Knight.

The remade version, Trine Enchanted Edition, has received overwhelmingly positive đánh giá on Steam with 96% of players saying they like this game. The original version also one the “Best Downloadable Game” at the Electronic Entertainment Expo the year it was released.

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