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Let help you deliver the mortgage experience your members deserve. And bring them trang chủ, where they belong.

Roughly 1 in 3 Americans belong to a credit union. But fewer than 1 in 10 use a credit union for their mortgage. That surprised us too. But it’s true.

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If that doesn’t sit well with you either, we should talk.

Through our turnkey mortgage lending solutions và best-in-class servicing, our credit union partners have direct access to mortgage experts with decades of experience.



Bring your members a seamless mortgage experience with state-of-the-art công nghệ.

One that’s transparent and straightforward, with privately labeled originations and servicing, regardless if the loan is sold or held in a portfolio.

A private-label experience lượt thích that means your brand is front and center through each touchpoint.

And with state-of-the art giải pháp công nghệ, you’ll offer members a secure và reliable online experience – all handled for you, by us.

Bring your members the trust they experience in every interaction with you.

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Bring them trang chủ.

Our Team is Ready khổng lồ Answer Your Questions


Jeff Vossen

SVP of Originations và Operations


Doug Battin

SVPhường of Mortgage Servicing

Our Clients
We only work with credit unions. That’s our business.

That’s how we know you’ve sầu probably asked yourself these questions…

How can we scale our program or offerings?How can we bởi more with fewer resources?How can we offer the lademo mortgage công nghệ within our budget?
Sound Familiar?
Our clients have sầu experienced this too, and they have found comfort in our trusted approach, expert team, & proven results for their members’ mortgage needs.

“We have sầu realized a significant amount of mortgage volume using’s Outbound Trigger Program. Knowing we have sầu a partner that is working to lớn ensure members know we offer mortgage services, increases our value to our members và their overall satisfaction with Brightstar. It is a great program with no risk lớn the credit union.”
Manny Cardenas, Mortgage và Servicing ManagerBrightStar Credit Union
“CommunityAmerica is completely focused on member service, and our partnership with allows us khổng lồ extover that commitment in the mortgage lending space.’s dedication to lớn personal service, breadth of industry expertise và investments in leading công nghệ solutions is a significant value-add lớn our organization. Thanks lớn their collaboration, our mortgage business has never been stronger.”
Lisa Ginter, CEOCommunityAmerica
“Today, you vì not have to lớn sit in a branch to lớn fulfill your members’ mortgage needs. And, that’s why is the perfect origination and servicing partner for our mortgage business. They have some of the quickest turn times in the industry và state of the art technology, which leads lớn satisfied members. Trutrang chủ takes care of our members like they are their own và we couldn’t be happier.”
Lori Davis, AVP.. of Residential LendingInsight Credit Union
“Being part of a CUSO means we get to work with a likeminded organization who shares the same values we bởi. When you couple this with the vast knowledge & experience their teams bring khổng lồ the relationship và the variable cost Model, it’s definitely a win for us.”
Benjamin A. Teske, SVP-Chief Lending OfficerGreater Texas Credit Union
“Private labeling is huge for us and our membership base. Having our credit union name và logo on all member communications, even on sold loans, gives our members the reassurance they are part of an ongoing relationship, & not a number. It’s a testament lớn how Trutrang chủ is an extension of our relationship with our members.”
Gina Wright, Mortgage Program Manager1st Financial Federal Credit Union
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Imagine what it will feel like when more of your members start to obtain their mortgages through your credit union.

By partnering with us, you’ll break through the barriers of cost, regulation, và technology, resulting in increased loyalty and member service.

Let us help you bring your members home page, where they belong.

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