Like most live streaming services, Twitch offers advertising options for brands looking khổng lồ promote their products and services. Not only does Twitch tư vấn traditional ad placements lượt thích pre-roll videos and banners, but advertisers can also find & partner with Twitch influencers. While Twitch is well-known khổng lồ those interested in gaming, it"s often overlooked by advertisers who aren"t sure how it works or if they should be advertising on the platsize in the first place. In this article, we"re going khổng lồ teach you how lớn run Twitch ads, talk about how Twitch ads work, and give sầu you an overall guide to lớn Twitch advertising.

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Twitch Ads: How They Work and How khổng lồ Run Them:

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platsize geared towards gamers & gaming influencers. The platform launched in 2011 & has grown exponentially since then, racking up more than 10.5 million quality broadcasters as of Quarter 3 2021. Twitch has also grown khổng lồ include not just gaming but live sầu streams about other topics lượt thích music, food, crafting, và a whole lot more. Streams vary in length from just a minute khổng lồ 8+ hours.

While the functionality of Twitch varies depending on how you"re accessing the platform, you can watch live streams from any device. You can find the stream you want by searching for specific từ khoá & browsing through categories. Find a streamer you like? Follow their channel for updates.

Why Advertise on Twitch?

Twitch is owned by Amazon và is one of the most popular video streaming platforms around with more than 140 million monthly active users and 15 million daily active users. In Q.3 2020, Twitch users watched 4.7 billion hours of live sầu streaming on the platsize giving Twitch a 72.2% cốt truyện of the đoạn phim game streaming market. Nearly half of Twitch users spover more than đôi mươi hours per week watching live streams on the platsize with the average amount of time spent on the platkhung daily hovering around 95 minutes. In light of all these Twitch statistics, the question isn"t "why advertise on Twitch?" but "why wouldn"t you advertise on Twitch?"

Numbers aside, there are other reasons that advertising on Twitch just makes sense:

Real-Time Interactions

Twitch makes it easy for creators và viewers to engage in real-time, making the connections seem more personal và viewers more likely to trust the opinions of the Twitch influencers they"ve sầu come to know & trust.


Most creators on Twitch are plugged all the way inlớn the platsize, sharing not only their đoạn phim game activity but actually talking to their viewers about their lives & dreams & asking viewers about their own. Twitch streamers are also incredibly không tính phí with their content, further endearing them lớn viewers.

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How Much Do Twitch Ads Cost?

The cost khổng lồ run ads on Twitch varies depending on several factors like the number of concurrent viewers, seasonality, viewer age và gender, the type of nội dung, & viewer location. Twitch also allows for non-traditional kinh doanh strategies like partnerships with Twitch influencers. Given the variables, it"s hard to pin down exactly how much Twitch ads will set you baông xã but estimates from Investopedia place the number between $2–$10 cost per impression.

How Do Twitch Ads Work?

Brands have tons of options when it comes to advertising on Twitch. Outside of partnering with influencers and streamers on the platform, Twitch offers a hefty menu of traditional advertising options. None of the desktop video clip ads can include targeting from a third-các buổi party nor can they allow third-party redirects or fourth-tiệc nhỏ tags. That said, let"s take a closer look at the Twitch ad types available.

Cross Screen Video


Twitch has integrated with Moat, an analytics product owned by Oracle that measures real-time attention analytics. This tool will make it easy lớn track analytics và ROI on SureStream ads. With this integration, advertisers will be able khổng lồ track in-view time, viewability, invalid traffic (activity lượt thích accidental or fraudulent clicks that don"t originate from a real user), attention metrics, & other metrics.

What"s Next for Twitch Advertising?

Twitch has started testing ads that run automatically during streams for some users. These ads will run across affiliate and partnered channels và creators will get paid for the ads but they won"t be able to lớn control when the ads run. Picture-in-picture viewing may keep the ads from being too disruptive to the viewer experience but Twitch streamers aren"t super pleased about the ads. It"s important khổng lồ bao tay that the ads are only being tested và haven"t been implemented permanently. However, there"s really no reason khổng lồ think they won"t be.

The ads aren"t supposed to lớn show if the stream has already run an ad recently, so creators should be sure to lớn plan out their ad breaks if they don"t want khổng lồ over up with a random, unexpected ad break. Using the Twitch advertising best practices we"ve included here will help minimize these disruptions và keep you, your viewers, & advertisers happy.

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