A professional League of Legends player has been fired from his team, after he was accused of beating up his girlfriend và inadvertently livestreaming the incident.

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Chinese player Li Wei Jun, better known as "Vasilii" in the gaming world, was on Thursday livestreaming his gameplay of a match, which he proceeded lớn thất bại.

His girlfrikết thúc is heard in the background telling hlặng not lớn chiến bại his temper, especially during a livestream where many fans would be watching him.

"I told you not to lớn speak in such a manner. You have a problem you know, you keep losing your temper," she says.

At this point, he continues chatting with her, while complaining about a game thủ from a rival team. 


"He drives me insane," Vasilii can be heard saying. 

"Just blochồng him. You can block hlặng next time. He"s also streaming you know, you"ll look stupid ."

At this point, Vasilii flies into a rage. He can be seen flipping his desk, presumably sending his webcam flying, though it still manages khổng lồ audibly capture & broadcast what"s going on in the background.

Warning: This đoạn Clip contains distressing footage.

"F*ông chồng you! F*ck your mum! Are you looking for a beating? Do you believe I"ll kill you?" the 6"4 (193cm) tall player begins shouting, as his girlfriend can be heard screaming in the background, including what sounds like someone being hit.

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"What did you mean by what you said just now?" he continues shouting.

"I said it to lớn help you. Have I ever tried lớn harm you? You beat me over this?" she says, through sobs.

His continued shouts can be heard in the background, until the video clip suddenly goes silent. 

Moments later, the camera"s position is moved again, presumably after he begins putting his things bachồng, & he is soon seen in front of the camera as he calmly begins another game.

According to lớn the Beijing News, police were notified of the incident and arrived at the player"s doorstep, but did not bring hyên ổn in for questioning.

The 23-year-old player later posted a status on Chinese social truyền thông trang web Weibo, saying "Why does no one pay attention khổng lồ my strengths? You only like khổng lồ watch me when I"m doing something rash?"


Image: weibo

The status was deleted soon after, but not before attracting a stream of criticism, where many followers said he was "shameless" and clearly unapologetic about hitting his girlfriover.

The Clip of the incident has also gone viral, with the word "Vasilii" being discussed some 32 million times on Weibo.

The incident was also later picked up by e-sports fans across the globe.

All respect I had for Vasilii is now gone. Hope the poor girl is ok, what a piece of shit human being is that Vasilii

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