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Public Bank Vietnam is a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Public Bank Berhad –a premier banking group in Malaysia. Being present in Vietnam for over trăng tròn years, its network has been expanded lớn 17 Branches nationwide including Hanoi, Hochiminh City, Danang, Haiphong, Binhduong, Cholon, Dongnai, Phunhuan, Thanhxuan, Caugiay, Thanhkhe, Tanbinh, Hadong, Phumyhung, Govap, Mydinh, Phuoclong. The driving force for our continuous success is our team of employees who are committed and passionate about achieving greater heights with the Bank. WHY JOIN US? • We offer exciting possibilities and doors of opportunities will be opened lớn high performing individuals. • Our employees are the fundamental building block of the Bank’s resilience and long term sustainability. We are therefore committed lớn nurturing, developing and empowering our talents lớn ensure that each of them will grow lớn their greatest potential alongside the Bank. • We hire the most talented people from diverse backgrounds. We value diversity as the wealth of experience and perspectives strengthens our ability lớn connect with a wide cross-section of customers and builds a richer environment for creativity and innovation.

Public Bank Vietnam Ltd


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