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Download MacOS High Sierra VMDK. You have lớn get macOS High Sierra VMDK in the liên kết supplied. MacOS Catalina/Big Sur on AMD Linux in VMware/Virtualbox. Is it possible lớn run rẩy a virtual machine of macOS Catalina or Big Sur in VMWare or VirtualBox? Yes, it is possible. MacOS’s Hypervisor framework doesn’t tư vấn nested virtualisation on AMD host CPUs, but apparently VirtualBox uses their own virtual machine driver which does work (I haven’t tried this myself). I imagine this will stop working in the next version of macOS, since they’re planning lớn add a bunch of restrictions on third-party kexts. What is macOS Big Sur. MacOS Big Sur is the 17th release of the Mac operating system for Macintosh computers and is the successor lớn macOS Catalina. The OS was officially released lớn the public on November 12, 2020, and is available for a series of Mac computers and can also be installed virtually, lượt thích we are in this guide. What you need for this installation.

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If you’ve install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox you’ll notice a small screen resolution which we fix macOS Catalina screen resolution that can be VirtualBox Catalina resolution, which doesn’t expand when you switch lớn full-screen mode. Unlike VMware, when you’ve finished the installation, you will install VMware Tools on macOS Catalina which fixes most of the things that one of them is screen resolution. Plus enhances performance, graphics, and đoạn Clip settings. But unfortunately, that’s not applicable here. Don’t worry, there’s another trick lớn it. Here’s how lớn fix macOS Catalina screen resolution on VirtualBox.

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One of the most important parts of using an operating system is its screen resolution. When you have a huge screen resolution or even if it’s not huge, it’s definitely bigger than vãn the mặc định screen resolution of the operating system you install. In this case, you would likely wish lớn experience the complete resolution when you’ve a larger screen.

How lớn Fix macOS Catalina Screen Resolution on VirtualBox

This happens after you install, when you switch lớn the full-screen resolution mode, wait for a precious wallpaper lớn cover your entire screen, but instead, the wallpaper remains at the same resolution instead the side screen will be covered will the đen kịt screen. It’s really annoying. Let’s see how lớn fix macOS Catalina screen resolution on VirtualBox.

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Step One: Switch Off macOS Catalina

First, shut off the virtual machine by clicking on close on the VirtualBox. This is super-important.

When the close virtual machine prompts up, click Power off the machine then click OK.

Step Two: Edit Catalina Screen Resolution Key

At this point, you’ll need a single tệp tin of the screen resolution key and modify it for your virtual machine.

For that, you’ll need lớn tải về the macOS Catalina Screen Resolution. Once it is with you, open it and replace “macOS Catalina” with your virtual machine. I guess it would be macOS Catalina or only Catalina, in which case, you’ll only need lớn tự a simple edit

Next up, modify the screen resolution which is “1920×1080” with the resolutions tested below.

Step Three: Close VirtualBox

While the virtual machine is closed, now you need lớn exit from VirtualBox. These two are really important lớn be closed, ví make sure they aren’t open. Otherwise, this would probably make the virutal machine unusable.

Step Four: Apply Fix macOS Catalina Screen Resolution

Macos catalina virtualbox download

The commands are ready lớn apply now. The only step lớn fix Catalina screen resolution is now lớn apply the commands which are very important.

When you’re done, open Command Prompt without administrator privileges.

On this window, in order lớn locate the VirtualBox, copy and paste the first line of the command.

Now copy and paste the next line of the command and hit Enter. This will change the mặc định resolution lớn your desired resolution.

And there you go! With this simple trick, you’ve fixed the macOS Catalina screen resolution permanently.

Step Five: Switch on macOS Catalina

This should work properly without any issue if you’ve done all the steps correctly.

To try and see everything, switch on the macOS Catalina machine from VirtualBox.

Without you switch lớn the entire resolution, it will automatically start in your preferred resolution. Simply sign in and you’ll enjoy the perfect resolution.

To experience the seamless resolution, from the top thực đơn, click on View and click on Full-screen Mode. It will perfectly cover your entire screen without a side đen kịt cover.

You’ll see the gorgeous Catalina wallpaper across all across the edge of your screen.

Install Macos Catalina Virtualbox

To kiểm tra, from the top click on the Apple icon and select About This Mac.

From the thực đơn, click on Display tab and the screen resolution will be in front of you.

The resolution will completely fit and there’s no problem at all. If it’s smaller or doesn’t cover your screen, you may change the resolution with the steps we did and change the screen resolution this time. This is the perfect way lớn enjoy the ideal Mac. That’s all of how lớn fix macOS Catalina screen resolution on VirtualBox.

Since the sixteenth massive update of the Mac operating system is finally live now with the most recent features and ứng dụng. macOS Catalina’s name was encouraged by Santa Catalina Island, commonly known as Catalina. This operating system is significant update than vãn macOS Mojave and much from macOS High Sierra. macOS Catalina is also the first version of macOS lớn tư vấn only 64-bit applications and the first lớn include Activation Lock, Sidecar and a bunch of other unique features. In this article, I’ll show how lớn Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD Systems.

The macOS Catalina runs typically on all the Macs that run rẩy Mojave. Even if it doesn’t, as well, you can definitely install macOS Catalina on your unsupported Mac. Catalina requires at least a 4GB of memory an addition 2 GB which runs Mojave. The macOS Catalina is one of the incredible operating systems. That you can not only install on Macs but also install Catalina on any version of Windows. You can also tải về other versions of MacOS with the help of the virtual machines such as VirtualBox and VMware.

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The macOS Catalina is developed with the most amazing features and even updated than vãn macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina. However, macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra have also their own features, and improvements. But in macOS Catalina, in addition lớn those features, macOS Catalina has even more and better and improved those available features in it. You can probably tải về and install macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave and even macOS High Sierra on any Windows you’d lượt thích lớn. Here’s how lớn Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD Systems.

macOS Catalina

None of Apple’s operating system is useless and every one of them has its own benefits and advantages. But the only difference is that the new operating is more advanced features from the previous one. It also makes our work easier from the previous one. This new operating system opens the way for more creativity with its new features and apps. Such as Podcasts ứng dụng, new Sidecar feature, Find My, new Photos interface, Reminders ứng dụng, Voice Control, Dashboard feature, Apple TV ứng dụng, iTunes Music Store and more other features and apps which are the most helpful, useful and effective.

If you want lớn tải về these files ví we have provided that all downloading files for you guys. So if you want lớn tải về any of them, simply click, tải về them and enjoy them with all their features.

What is VirtualBox

VirtualBox is an open-source virtualization tool for 32 and 64-bit hardware. That is installed with server and desktop targeting and usage, allowing administrators lớn install and manage multiple operating systems on a single server. VirtualBox is designed for owners and guests. VirtualBox also allows supervisors and developers lớn quickly switch between guest and host. To know about these two, guest is any supported operating system running as a VM. A VirtualBox host can be run rẩy on Linux, Windows, or macOS.

Using VirtualBox, supervisors can adapt the host from ISO images or VDI / VMDK / VHD images. The most important and beneficial thing for a user is that it is không tính tiền anyone can use it and easily can run rẩy as administrators. It’s also an easy route for testing and developing platforms.

Macos Catalina Virtualbox Reddit

What is AMD System (Advanced Micro Devices)

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is the second-largest producer of personal computer microprocessors after Hãng sản xuất Intel. They also create flash memory, integrated circuits for network devices and programable logic devices. Hãng sản xuất Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are two of the most competitve names in technology. Create chips that power millions of computers, graphics cards, servers, and other devices.

So what’s the difference between Hãng sản xuất Intel and AMD. AMD processors has lots plus points, including power, graphics and tốc độ performance, and processing power. In comparison, Hãng sản xuất Intel processors are more expensive than vãn AMD. In terms of performance, AMD chips perform well for editing and some other tasks.

Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD System

Now it’s the time lớn install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD Systems. So if you want lớn install it without any problems and issues, follow the steps carefully and attentively. It’s quite easy and interesting also it doesn’t take too much time. The macOS Catalina installation on AMD is a little different from the installation of macOS Catalina on Hãng sản xuất Intel. how lớn Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD Systems.

1# Enter Commands For The Virtual Machine

As there’s little difference, particularly the difference is in the commands step. The commands for Hãng sản xuất Intel is different and the commands for AMD are different. Rest of the steps are all fine and you can continue the installation. When you’re in this step, follow these steps.

First of all, open Run by pressing Windows + R then type Notepad and hit Enter.

Macos Catalina Virtualbox Amd Update


When Notepad is opened, copy this command from below then paste it lớn Notepad.

After pasting this code press Ctrl+ H for opening Replace window. Now type “Your Virtual Machine Name” in the first tab and on the second window with blank, write down your virtual machine name exactly without any difference. At last, click on Replace all. It will change the names of the virtual machine.

Now, without saving it, launch Command Prompt in your Start Menu and open that.

Macos catalina virtualbox amd update

After you’ve done that, copy and paste all of the commands and click Enter.


Command Prompt

2# Boot macOS Catalina on VirtualBox

Macos Catalina Virtualbox Download

Now open your VirtualBox then click on Start.


When the screen appears, straightly press Esc and type “install.nsh” lớn start the installation.


3# Install macOS 10.15 Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD Systems

In a few minutes, macOS Catalina will be installed in VirtualBox.

After installation, the virtual machine will restart, but this time it will a real installation where you need lớn personalize, create an tài khoản and more.


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After the settings up finished, then the macOS Catalina will be successfully installed.

Now everything is done you can macOS Catalina is running in your PC. You can continue and install macOS Catalina completely if you’ve left something.

Virtualbox Macos Catalina Vmdk

We’ve done our best lớn help you. We hope everything should work. However, if you encounter some problem, we’ve the comments diễn đàn open for you.