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Visual Assist: Filling Gaps in Visual Studio for C/C++ and C# Developers

Visual Assist is a productivity extension for Visual Studio development work. It provides a mix of intelligent refactoring, navigation, code highlighting and generation features for C, C++, and C# development. With its highly-efficient memory management and minimal UI, Visual Assist gives developers uninterrupted access lớn advanced features without slowing down the IDE.

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Visual Assist is one of the definitive plugins that conceptualized and shaped most of the current features you see now in Visual Studio. And lớn this day it continues lớn develop user-centric design for maximum productivity and usability.

Read more about the features and benefits provided by Visual Assist.

Benefits of using Visual Assist

  • Do more with fewer clicks. Visual Assist expands your available options with intuitive navigation, refactoring, and automatic suggestions wherever you are in your code.

  • Increase productivity with uninterrupted work. The parser efficiently supports your workflow. Loading times and memory usage has been significantly optimized ví you can work continuously.

  • Specialized tư vấn for Unreal Engine projects. The plugin has been designed with Unreal development in mind. UE’s syntax and macros are no problem with VAX.

  • No more frustrating errors and tedious debugging. Visual Assist suggests code corrections in real time and provides numerous code inspections and refactoring features, greatly reducing time spent fixing errors.

What's new

Visual Assist 2023 continues the momentum brought by the monumental Visual Studio 2022 update with exceptional performance gains and better tư vấn for more use cases.

Learn more about the latest changes in Visual Assist here.

  • 100+ New code inspection checks and updated LLVM Clang Tidy engine Modernize and fix code issues en masse with over a hundred new code inspections based on Clang Tidy. See full list of code inspections. VA now runs on LLVM/Clang version 15.0 engine.

  • Unreal Engine 5 support Unreal Engine 5 is fully supported by Visual Assist. Leverage UE-specific features lớn navigate, maintain, and refactor huge Unreal Engine solutions.

  • Unity Engine support First introduced in version 2023.4, Visual Assist begins official Unity tư vấn starting with Unity shader tệp tin features.

  • CUDA core development Parse and analyze CUDA related syntax, libraries, and APIs ví you can have IntelliSense-like features, navigation, and highlighting for CUDA (.cu) files.

  • HLSL tư vấn and expanded shader tệp tin support Open and work on shader files as if they were regular C++ files! Features such as navigation, syntax highlighting and coloring tư vấn, now works in HLSL, Unreal’s USH/USF files, and even custom shader files.

  • Revamped look for VS 2022 Same reliable performance with a refreshing new look for Visual Studio 2022.

Visual Assist fills gaps in the coding experience of Microsoft Visual Studio, making a great IDE, a phenomenal IDE. Watch the đoạn phim below lớn see how it can help make your coding experience faster and easier:


Sample Features by Category

· Unreal Engine Specific Tooling

Make your games epic with integrated Unreal Engine tư vấn (including UE5) and new features that run rẩy as fast as your code. Save time, see more and work smarter.


· Navigation

Move about your code efficiently and easily—to any tệp tin, method, symbol, or symbol reference in your projects and solutions. Navigate with commands lượt thích Find Symbol in Solution, Open File in Solution, an upgraded version of Find References, and Goto Related.

Go lớn related locations of any symbol, including base classes, derived classes, constructors, and members.


Navigate throughout a solution via VA Hashtags in comments. VA Hashtags are user-defined, shared bookmarks that move with code. You can also use the feature also as a task list.

Navigate among VA Hashtags using a dedicated tool window or local context thực đơn.


· Refactoring

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Reduce the complexity of your code, improve its readability, and make it extensible without changing its external behavior. Refactor with commands lượt thích Rename, Encapsulate Field, Introduce Variable, and Change Signature.

Use Change Signature lớn add, remove and reorder parameters in definitions and Điện thoại tư vấn sites.


· Code Generation

Generate code quickly with commands lượt thích Add Missing Case Statements, Implement Interface / Virtual Methods, and Create from Usage.

Create methods, variables, and enums without leaving your place in code.


· Coding Assistance

Write code with assistance that doesn't get in your way. Select using enhanced thành viên listboxes, surround selections with code snippets, quickly grow selections on logical boundaries, and accept suggestions that appear before you type.

Suggestions include relevant bits of nearby code.


· Code Understanding

Make sense of complex or unfamiliar code with an assortment of informative fields, highlights that update as you move about code, and enhanced syntax coloring.

VA provides timely and contextual hints with tool windows, browsers, and fields. Get information more often, and with more thorough nội dung lớn help you make sense of code.


· Debug Assistance

Use debugger enhancements in Visual Assist lớn shorten the time required lớn debug native C/C++. Browse PDBs efficiently; resolve symbols in text-only Điện thoại tư vấn stacks; and use the VA Step Filter lớn step over trusted methods in argument lists.


· Tool Windows

Access tool windows for a hierarchy of header files, list of recently visited places, and an outline of the current tệp tin that allows drag-and-drop lớn rearrange its contents.


· VA Code Snippets

Expand frequently typed segments of code with a more powerful version of the like-named feature in the IDE. Expand symbols from the current context, prompt for user input, and edit VA Snippets in a custom editor.


· Code Correction

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Correct typing mistakes as you make them, including incorrect symbol case, invalid pointer notation, and spelling errors in strings and comments.


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