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  • A New Home

    We are now located in the new Faculty of Arts Building, which brings all humanities departments under the same roof and provides an ideal place for students lớn work

  • CSR Workspace

    Our Centre has its own space for students lớn work quietly or collaboratively

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  • Book Culture

    Among their various specialties, staff in the CSR have a strong interest in both manuscript and print culture in the Renaissance

  • Historical sites

    Being in the heart of the country we are lucky lớn benefit from being close lớn both Kenilworth Castle and Warwick Castle

  • Royal Shakespeare Company

    We benefit from all the study and research opportunities of being close lớn Stratford-upon-Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Company

  • Venice

    The Centre has strong ties with Venice, where MA students are able lớn study

Warwick's Centre for the Study of the Renaissance is an autonomous, internationally-recognized centre of the University supported by the Arts Faculty. It advances – through research, teaching, and outreach – the study of the period stretching from the fourteenth lớn the seventeenth century, at Warwick and beyond. It explores Renaissance Studies in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way and within a context of international collaboration, promoting activities that intersect with the work of medievalists and early modernists.

Language & Skills Provision

Palaeography (English, Latin & Italian) designed lớn help doctoral students and early career fellows who are working in archives and libraries lớn make better sense of the materials they are reading and understand common conventions of transcription.

Latin for research aims lớn help participants develop the ability lớn read and understand Renaissance texts, while allowing them lớn brush up their Latin skills for research purposes. There are currently three streams available.

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External networks

We have close links with the following organisations:

ICLS ~ The International Courtly Literature Society (British Branch)

FISIER ~ International Federation of Societies & Institutes for the Study of the Renaissance
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Monash Warwick Alliance

Newberry Library including funding opportunities (travel) and various fellowships

SEFR ~ Society for European Festivals Research

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SNLS ~ Society for Neo-Latin Studies


The CSR organises special study days – and, subject lớn demand, longer courses – for the community. This season's sự kiện is 'East Meets West: Medieval and Renaissance Encounters', Monday 11th December 2023. Info inch registration HERE. 

A list of recent past events can be found HERE.