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Large, power-intensive industries were built close vĩ đại waterfalls and assigned long-term power contracts with a substantial element of subsidized power supply.

The alternative waterfall model resembles the spiral model, but has a more linear nature.

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It may instead mean that a bed shock in the size of a waterfall needs vĩ đại be included in the analysis.

The re-engineering methodology proposes a waterfall life cycle for carrying out the steps of reverse engineering, restructuring and forward engineering.

We see gravity in action, as with waterfalls and sleigh riding.

The only significant change in gradient is where the river crosses the graben-bounding fault at a waterfall.

Nations were lượt thích individuals in that they were born, grew, and died, but both were equally lượt thích waves or waterfalls, changing physical, not spiritual, forms.

The word kilk-r- for the sound made by the waterfall would commonly be used ai for living creatures only.

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The waterfall will become radiant in the moonlight.

Darkness is also implicitly connected with invisibility, which contrasts with the visibility of the waterfall in moonlight.

Visual micro-counterpoint is everywhere in nature, from a multifaceted cascading waterfall, vĩ đại distinct layers of clouds moving at different speeds in the sky.

Within time, the channel bed devolved into a series of steps, each characterized by a short, extremely steep waterfall-like zone of supercritical flow ending in a hydraulic jump.

We may attend and respond vĩ đại the sounds of the wind, or the rain, or the waterfall, but we tự not imagine that these phenomena are communicating with us.

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For instance, if one looks for a while at a waterfall, and subsequently fixates a tree at eye-level near that waterfall, the tree appears vĩ đại move upward.

Most people understand immediately that it has something vĩ đại tự with light; others see it as ripples on water; one asked if it was vĩ đại become a waterfall.

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