Every year the Vietnamese come together to lớn celebrate the beginning of a new year, which is called Tết. There are various things associated with these celebrations, but the most spectacular of them are flowers. As a visitor during these times, it would amaze you lớn see the amount of colors surrounding your environment. From pink petals to yellow apricot flowers, the selection can be endless. What is so special about flowers grown during this time? Let’s find out.

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The yellow apricot flower is commonly grown in East Asia. It is also known as Hoa Mai. It is one of the most popular flowers in the area. When they are spread out in a field, the sight of the bright yellow màu sắc can be breathtaking. In Vietnam, this flower holds great significance during đầu năm mới celebrations.

The đầu năm holiday is the most important celebration in Vietnam. The Vietnamese recognize it as the beginning of the New Year according lớn the lunar calendar. đầu năm is held annually and usually falls between kết thúc of January and mid February. The Vietnamese take this holiday seriously, và it can last for a week or more. During this time, shops are closed, family members travel lớn visit relatives, and everyone prepares for a reunion by cleaning, cooking, and decorating their houses with these yellow apricot flowers.

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There are several flowers that blossom during this time. They include sunflowers, marigold, orchids, daisies, and cockscomb flowers. Their colors usually range from yellow to lớn red because the people believe those colors signify good luck.


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In Vietnam, the famous Hoa Mai represents the spirit of Tết. They obtain the yellow apricot flower from the tree which is cared for before the Lunar New Year. The tree appears with several buds that suddenly pop open during Tết. The blossom reveals bright yellow delicate petals which could be any number from five lớn eight. First, the yellow color is believed to represent wealth, hope, & the noble roots of Vietnamese. The Vietnamese people also say Hoa Mai brings good luck and wealth into the New Year. Five petals automatically signify five blessings which are peace, pleasure, longevity, convenience, & happiness. If your yellow apricot flower blooms with seven or eight petals, then you would be even luckier in the New Year. With that thought in mind, every family tries khổng lồ obtain at least one Hoa Mai tree for their houses with the desire khổng lồ step into the new year with much blessings. Most people buy the flower in pots when the season is near. They are placed within & outside the home to circulate good luck.

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