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SINGAPORE -Media OutReach- 5 May 2020 - As the situation of COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, staying home is the best và simplest thing we can bởi to flatten the curve. For those worried about being bored while remaining indoors -- they can keep themselves glued khổng lồ TVBAnywhere+ clip streaming platform, which now offers 30 days miễn phí trial access khổng lồ numerous drama shows & news channels.

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This is the first time that premium content from TVB is offered exclusively with không tính tiền access for a month. With the ongoing Circuit Breaker measure, this exclusive & limited-time offer is set to appeal many looking lớn indulge in the ultimate entertainment experience at home.

TVBAnywhere+ video-streaming service is dedicated to provide convenient global access to lớn original Chinese contents. Some of the main features are:

Available on smart TVs và mobile devicesMulti-language tư vấn feature

o Audio options in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and more

o Subtitle options in English, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and more

Video-streaming on 2 concurrent devices through 1 accountAvailable for streaming over the internet except selected countries such as Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Vietnam & Malaysia.

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Besides gaining access to premium content with the latest releases, users can enjoy high definition audio and video quality for a better viewing experience; và most importantly, it is a legitimate way to watch Hong Kong dramas for free!

VOD Zone (or Video-on-demand)

o Latest drama episodes that are available within an hour after its on-air release in Hong Kong

o More than 20,000 hours of TVB originals & acquired programs available with unlimited viewing

Channel Zone

o Includes 5 of the best selected TVB home-made live channels, such as TVB Xing He channel and Jade

o Expect the latest and classic drama series, variety shows, as well as timely news và entertainment information available 24/7

o 3-hour play-back function for all channels lớn allow users to lớn catch up on any missed shows.

Exclusively available for a limited time period only, the 30-day không tính phí and unlimited access is applicable for new TVBAnywhere+ users with no prior subscriptions to lớn VOD Zone and/or Channel Zone. The standard in-app subscription fee at USD 4.49 per month applies on auto-renewal after the 30-day period, which can be cancelled at any time.

Users can tải về the tiện ích from the Play Store or the app Store và activate this limited-time subscription offer. Stay home and stream lớn your heart"s content with TVBAnywhere+.

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