xcode trên windows


Xcode requires a Mac/macOS.

That video clip advocates (among other things) running OS X in a virtual machine. I thought that was against the OS X terms of service.

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It is unless you are running it in a virtual machine on a Mac (which is not a solution for the poster).

You can't officially lập cập macOS (and by extension Xcode) on non-Apple hardware. If you tự, you basically are going rogue. If you plan on developing for the platform officially (submitting apps đồ sộ the App Stores) I recommend you invest in a Mac. Maybe you'll get away with it by running macOS on a virtual machine, maybe you won't. Maybe they will notice that you are not on Mac and turn a blind eye, but then again, maybe they won't. If Apple chooses đồ sộ enforce its rules, they may kick you out of the dev program and you will have wasted your time.

So yeah...the answer is this...technically you can lập cập macOS on non-Apple hardware but you are violating Apple's terms of service. I think I remember someone telling bầm in some countries Apple's terms of service may not be enforceable on this, but I don't know if that's true or not. Interestingly I recently read a blog post by a well known dev that built himself a Hackintosh, not sure if its being used a development machine or was just for fun.

Macs are expensive, but if you want đồ sộ develop on Apple platforms you kind of have đồ sộ s u c k it up and buy one.

You can use phonegap such a cross-platform development tools, you can directly develop iOS iOS iOS, after the shelves can use a tool Appuploader, can help you directly on the Windows system iOS iOS App Store, I was the development of such shelves, And the tool Appuploader can be used không lấy phí of charge, great, hope can help you.The whole process does not require Mac

You can use VisualStudio Dev on Window, i saw them released a Kit supporting for IOS and Android device- I think if you earn enough money, you should buy Mac máy tính, which is easily compable with IOS devices

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I am facing so sánh many issues with the XCode, Can anybody help with the alternative.

You should tải về Swift from https://www.swift.org/download/ and use it on VS code. I think it can be a solution or not. If you are damp sure đồ sộ make apps using Xcode you should purchase a Mac.

xcode is an táo bị cắn application supported on macOs and on all Apple systems.

But, by bypassing the system you can make a VM on windows and put xcode on your virtual machine

Xcode is supported only on macOS so sánh you can't

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Check this site, It will help you better