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Season 13 Guides // Patch 13.23 & Patch 13.22

[13.18] Zethal's Zed Guide | Latest Build + Advanced Tips Guide by Zethal_Na updated November 10, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

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LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

Zed Guide [S13]

Guide by Balinthun873 updated November 29, 2023

[Season 13] Mid Zed | Builds and Runes Guide by DabiDabi updated November 19, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

(Armor) Shred Zed Jungle Guide (Z.M.)

Guide by Zero macro updated November 9, 2023

Season 13 Guides // Other Patches

[13.19] Max-Depth Master Zed Guide Guide by CashLOL updated October 9, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

[13.5] Challenger Zed Jungle Guide - Free LP!

Guide by Eagzey updated March 18, 2023

[13.16] Zed Mid/JG Guide | In-depth Build + Runes + Tips Guide by ZeddyBearZ updated August 21, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

Swagilicious' Zed Guide - UPDATED w/ notes

Guide by LightningTemplar updated June 28, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Zed 70%WR! Guide by MikeVix updated December 8, 2022

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

ZED Mid - Jungle [13.18+]

Guide by Shad0wStyle EUW updated September 16, 2023

Pre-Season 2023 Zed meta Guide by Whitelies updated December 4, 2022

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

Lapdog's Lowelo Guide To Pleb - Master of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Guide by TismoTheTilted updated October 23, 2023

ZED build for solo Q (get out of low elo) Guide by Guest updated June 26, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

Hypercarry Zed

Guide by RedRzr19 updated January 22, 2023

Zed - [12.23] Mid and Jg Guide by YourDreamWaifuu updated December 7, 2022

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide


Guide by pumpkinnthelawn updated September 28, 2023

Be one with your shadow [13.12] Guide by ThePiKay updated June 16, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

How to lớn dominate with Zed

Guide by IamNoobZed updated December 15, 2022

Zed Guide by J4SP updated August trăng tròn, 2023

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

LoL Champion Zed Build Guide

Zed snowball build

Guide by EL ZUDO updated January 29, 2023

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Zed Build & Runes

If you're looking for the best rune build for Zed we've got you covered. Below you can find the best items and runes to lớn build for Zed, as determined by calculations of thousands of Plat+ League of Legends games. If you are already familiar with how to lớn play Zed this is a great resource to lớn quickly get a good rune selection for Patch 13.23. However, if you are a new Zed player we highly recommend reading through some of the guides above to learn why this build is strong on Zed!

Second Best

Zed's 2nd Best Runes 47%

Win Rate 29% Pickrate

Third Best

Zed's 3rd Best Runes 44%

Win Rate 11% Pickrate

Second Best

Zed's 2nd Best Ability Order 48%

Win Rate 29% Pickrate

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Third Best

Zed's 3rd Best Ability Order 48%

Win Rate 5% Pickrate

Second Best

Zed's 2nd Best Runes 49%

Win Rate 19% Pickrate

Third Best

Zed's 3rd Best Runes 43%

Win Rate 12% Pickrate

Second Best

Zed's 2nd Best Ability Order 49%

Win Rate 17% Pickrate

Third Best

Zed's 3rd Best Ability Order 42%

Win Rate 12% Pickrate

Zed Counters

Learn Zed's counters and discover matchups where they have an advantage! When you're starting a game of League of Legends you should always keep in mind if you'll be at an advantage or disadvantage against your opponent, sánh you can know whether to lớn bully them or play safe. You can find detailed breakdowns of each matchup on CounterStats, and you can also kiểm tra out some Zed guides to lớn see how to lớn build and play against other champions you may find yourself up against!

This counter data is for Zed MIDDLE in Plat+ games. The percent shown is the enemy champion's counter rating against Zed. Counter rating is our own statistic that factors in counter kills, overall kills, early lead ratio, comeback ratio, and win percent to lớn give the whole picture of that champion's effectiveness as a counter pick.

Counters powered by CounterStats

CR is Counter Rating, which is a combination of multiple counter factors. Counters shown are for Zed Zed MIDDLE

Best Against Zed

Worst Against Zed

Common Matchups

Zed Skins

Find Zed's skins and when they were last on sale. Never miss a sale for your favorite skin by using our Wish List feature! You can also find all Zed skins and chromas on Zed's skins page.

Zed's Abilities

Questions About Zed

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Yesterday I made a guide for Zed. I published it and saved it and when I go to lớn Builds and Guides-Newest Guides-Zed my guide isn't there ?? What I need to lớn vì thế for other people to lớn see it. Guide name is Better Nerf Zed [S6]

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Cunning or Resolve for AD assasins?

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